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Monday, June 30, 2014

I guess I look polish.... Spoko!

Hi all! I don't have a ton of time for emailing today, so this letter might be a bit shorter than usual.

The reason I am short on time is because we decided to spend the P-day hanging with some of the youth members of our ward. Cindy and Aj Call and Ola... I don't know her last name. I might have mentioned the Calls before, they speak perfect English, so I was able to talk to them just fine, they talk to each other in Polish though, which is fun. Cindy and I talked for a while about "Once Upon a Time" she and her sister recently discovered it and have been having a marathon watching session. Ola is actually the inspiration behind Olek, who Brat Tribe pretended to be and Siostra Holden and I taught in the MTC. Brat Tribe and his companion found her and she was baptised, and now she's known as Olek at the MTC. She also speaks perfect English, with only the tiniest hint of an accent. Anyway, we went bowling, and then got Pizza. Polish pizza doesn't have sauce on it, just bread, cheese and toppings. The sauce comes in containers and you spread it on top of the pizza or dip the pizza in it. SO it's different, but still good.

Lately I've been noticing when we are traveling around that often someone will come up to me and start speaking Polish to me, asking for directions or something. If Siostra Whitely is not with me, for example, if we are getting off a tram and she's already off and I'm not yet, I have to just quickly say "przepraszam, nie mowię po Polsku" (sorry, I don't speak Polish) and run away. I have determined that the reason this keeps happening is because I look Polish. People try to ask be directions because I look like I actually live in the city and know my way around. Ha ha! I've fooled them! It's pretty cool though, right? Once I can't actually speak the language properly I can really fool them.

This week was an Elder week, so called because it was all Elder days (except Saturday, but... później). An Elder day is what Siostra Whitely calls it when we don't have any lessons, so all we can do is contact. We have one investigator, and she's already almost a member. Her name is Renata, and she is dating Bobby Dudiski. I think I mentioned him before, He is "A freaking kingdom builder" As Siostra Whitely put it. He has been a member for a while now, he was inactive up until a transfer ago when Elder Tingy got him to come back. All he said to him was "Robert, we love you and want you to come back to church." And He came back. So Renata comes to church with him, and is super awesome and sweet, and the only thing holding her back from baptism is that she and Bobby are going to get married first, I think.

Anyway, so we have just been contacting, and doing work at the chapel, and advertising for English. So that's been kind of exhausting, contacting is kind of draining. I still haven't gotten used to the awkwardness of it and the frustration that comes from someone straight up refusing to even let us try and talk to them. And as I get better in the language I'm able to better understand what they are saying to us, and sometimes they are straight up rude. Also, there's JWs. Ugh! Jehovah's Witnesses can be so mean to us! We were contacting in the park the other day and this lady heard us try to talk to someone, so she calls us over, we get all excited because we think she's interested. Then I hear her say something about the name of God and I'm like, "oh no, we fell into a JW trap" So she was being awful to us and basically like started trying to teach is, which is super annoying. Siostra Whitely was trying to break off the conversation kindly, but the lady wouldn't let her. Then I guess she started trying to use a scripture that said something about Preaching to the world about Christ or something (again, this was in Polish, and I can't remember what Siostra Whitely told me she had said, so I didn't follow all of it) Well, Siostra Whitely got annoyed and basically said (in Polish) "Yeah, that's why we're here, to preach about Christ, now I don't want to talk to you about this anymore, we're hear to teach, not to be taught, dowidzenia", and then we just walked away from her, it was pretty cool. JWs are actually like everywhere in Poland though, I wasn't expecting that. Anyway, so contacting is frustrating, and I still kinda hate it most of the time, but I'm trying hard to find something to like about it.

We did have one lesson this week, a referral from Siostra Zań. The Zań family are awesome, they have four boys, one who just turned 8, two who are little hellions, and little baby who is just about the cutest baby in the whole freaking world! His name is Piotr, he has downs syndrome, and he spends all his time being cooed at by his mom, his dad, his brothers, the missionaries, and all the ward members. While we were planning for our lesson at the Zańs Samuel, the oldest, came over to Siostra Whitely with Piotr in his arms. Next thing we knew he was handing Piotr to Siostra Whitely. She was so shocked, she was suddenly holding a baby and had no idea what to do. Just minutes before she was telling me how badly she wanted to be able to hold him though. It was funny though. She only got to hold him for about 60 seconds, but she remarked later that those 60 seconds had been "glorious!"

Anyway, so our lesson went pretty well, we met with Siostra Zańs friend Patrycja (not sure on the spelling). She had tons of questions and was super knowledgeable on religion. I couldn't follow most of what was said and even Siostra Whitely got lost a little, but luckily SIostra Zań is a returned missionary, so she was able to answer most of the questions, and she answered them all really well, from what I understand. In the end Patrycja said she's not really looking for religion, and that she isn't a believing person, but we all think she is, but just doesn't realise it yet. Why else would she be so interested in religions and be going to all these churches all the time. She took a Księga Mormona though, and she might be up for meeting with us again later, so we will see. After that SIostra Zań gave up some food, that stuff mommy makes that is served over rice, it has sausage in it and zucini and it's maybe Indian, not sure what it's called. SIostra Zań made it with hotdogs though. At one point while we were eating, she turned her back and SIostra Whitely quickly dumped all her hotdog bits onto my plate. Right there is the benefit of having a vegetarian companion :) While we were at the Zańs house there was a moment when Siostra Zań and Siostra Whitely were talking, I wasn't really focusing on their conversation, but I realised after a while that I had understood everything they said to one another... of course, as soon as I realised that I then lost track of the conversation again.

Oh, in Church Yesterday, President Czylański came up to me and told me I remind him of Maleficent, from the new movie with Angelina Jolie, I thought that was pretty funny. That's the second time since the start of my mission that I've been compared to a Disney villain the last one was the evil queen from snow white, I think I told you all about that. Pres Czylański likes movies and is always willing to discuss them, which is awesome for me, because most of the time that's what I want to talk about!

I think that's basically the bulk of what happened this week. Not a whole lot happened because it was an Elder Week. We just went contacting, spent some time doing work at the chapel, hung out with/did contacting with the Elders, and got to know some of the members. If I think of anything else that I wanted to include I will if I have time before I'm done emailing, but I might not have time. Siostra Whitely and I have FHE at the Kowalski's at 18:30 (in an hour and a half) and we're not sure where their house is. We get to have a less active member lesson though, so yay!

Kocham cię

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