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Thursday, May 15, 2014

3 Nephi 3:7

It was so awesome to talk to you all on Sunday! Being able to talk to our families got everyone totally pumped. Some of the presidency were worried that being able to call would make some people homesick, but that definitely wasn't the case in our district, if anything, it only strengthened us in our purpose. For the next hour or two after we were all super smiley and laughing and telling stories, it was a blast. Starszy Burdick and Starszy Jourdan got to talk to their girlfriends too so they were on cloud nine, it was adorable.

So, you might have looked up that scripture by now, and you might be confused... "did she mean 1 Nephi 3:7?" you might think, well, no, I did not. That scripture has become our motto with sports, it started with four-square but as we've started playing volleyball and ninja it has followed. I mention this because we just came from an epic game of ninja. in the game you use your hands to chop at everyone else's hands, or limbs if you are playing ultimate. When you hit their hand they can no longer use it, and when both hands are hit you are out. You start in a circle too, and you take turns depending on the order of people in the circle at the start. it never stays in a circle though. there is a lot of jumping around and yelling and rolling. At one point Starszy Jourdan was on the ground and Starszy Sidwell stood over him, so Starszy Jourdan picked him up and they became a super ninja... until Starszy Jourdan betrayed Starszy Sidwell and got one of his hands out.

The best part of the activity though was when Sestra Dubois was handing out tic tac's after getting out. Starszy Jourdan wanted one, but instead of holding out his hand, he always just leans back and open's his mouth like a baby bird. So, out of annoyance, Sestra Dubois just dropped the whole container in his mouth. So, Starszy Jourdan dumped the whole container in his mouth and spit them back at her, machine-gun style. We all just died laughing, but Starszy Johnson was the best, he was laughing so hard he could barely stand. It was great.

This past week was pretty great, partly because we discovered Ninja, but also because nearly everyone in our district and several of the Bulgarians all bought Sketchbooks this week, because of me. I've been drawing a lot lately, I had a lot of cool ideas for my comic. I'm going to send you one of them so Laney can colour it if she wants to (OK, the computer is being stupid right now so I can't get any pictures off my card, I'm going to try a different computer later, hopefully then I will be able to send them to you). Anyway, Elder Kingsley saw me drawing and asked if I could teach him how to draw, I gave him a few pointers. Then Sister Lewis started asking me for advice. Then the other day most of the Starszy sat themselves in front of my desk at personal study time and asked me to teach them. So I gave them lessons on how to draw people and I've been drawing them little examples for them to practice drawing since then. It's been really fun, a couple of them have goals to be able to copy some of the paintings they saw at the Sacred Gifts gallery. It's ambitious, but I commend them for it.

Remember how we had that whole theory about Brat Tribe and Siostra Mcadams? Yeah, we were way off! Brat Tribe has a girlfriend and he is going to propose to her in the next week or two. They've been friends since 9th grade when they took an art class together. He said she had a broken arm and he used to help her get her paints out of her bag. She got back from her mission in late December and they've been dating since early January. They dated before their missions, broke up before he left, then she left for he mission right after he got back. Then, a couple months before she got back she sent him an email an basically just said that she wanted to go out with him when she got home. He said when he read that he shut his laptop, went into his room and danced around for a little while. It's super cute, he plans to propose to her in the classroom where they first met. adorable!

We hosted again yesterday, more people came, but we had more Sisters than last week so I still only hosted two girls. It was pretty fun though, all of us Pols are getting a lot better with the Language so we could just talk to one another and freak out the newbies a bunch, it was really fun. When we got back to class Siostra Young was there and we spent the next like, half hour, while we were waiting for some of our district members, cracking her up. I can't remember most of what we told her, we threw a lot of broken Polish around and that alone had her dying. But I think the thing she laughed the most about was when we told her about Captain Texas.

OK, so the story behind Captain Texas is that Starszy Johnson somehow got ahold of a fake mustache. He wore it to gym and ran around talking in a cartoonishly outrageous Texas accent. There were a bunch of brand new Missionaries there that day and when they met him he said "just call me Captain Texas!". So now there are a bunch of missionaries around the campus who thing that Starszy Johnson is from Texas. Whenever they see him they say "hey Captain Texas" and he answers in his outrageous accent... they actually believe he is from Texas, and it is hilarious, because he so totally is not! Their always asking him about stuff like Nascar and he responds with basically a stand up comedy routine, saying something along the lines of "It's the best when they just throw it into fifth gear and go VROOOM, down that left turn!" (when you are reading that, give it the most obviously fake southern accent you can possibly imagine and it will sound about right) It's even better when Starszy Jourdan joins in because his voice get really high when he talks in a southern accent and it is really entertaining. Anyway, all the talk about Captain Texas, the terrible southern accents, and the broken Polish said in a southern accent was just killing Siostra Young. It was fantastic!

Oh, we had another apostle come and speak to us, L. Tom Perry, that's either five or six now, I've lost track. It's really cool and we've been told the next couple of weeks are going to be really exciting too, which we just assume means more general authorities are coming. I am convinced that the reason they are all coming now is that Starszy Jourdan is going to be our Prophet some day, so they all want to come while he's here. That also appears to be the general consensus of our district.

At our service activity this week we had a great moment. We were cleaning showers, which is oddly fun, mostly just because Sestra Dubois attack the shower with the hose like she is a fire woman, putting out fires and rescuing puppies. After you spray down the shower with the hose you have to attach a bottle of soap/chemical stuff that you then spray the shower with. The soap is toxic though and you aren't supposed to get it on you, so we wear gloves and glasses. Sestra Dubois had just attached the soap and started spraying down the shower when the soap container slipped of the hose and fell. Sestra Dubios' reaction was what made the moment so great, as soon as the soap came off the hose she was gone, she threw the hose and ran into the shower behind us. When we looked in there she was up against the wall and clutching it like a bomb when off. It was hilarious, we laughed so hard a Sister on the floor came by to make sure we were OK.

Well, I can't think of anything else that really happened this week. It was really fun, and we laughed a lot.

I love you all and I love getting your letters and emails! That goes for all those who have sent we things who are not in my immediately family as well, I'm sorry I haven't really bee able to respond, it is like crazy busy up in here!

Kocham Cie! (you all have no idea how much it bugs me that I can't use the correct letters for that. The 'E' at the end of Cie is supposed to have an accent under it.)

I'm really sorry if there are any parts of my letter where the wording is really off, there was an Elder near me singing, loudly and off key for most of the time and it was really hard to focus!

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