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Thursday, May 8, 2014

I can't think of a clever subject right now...

I'll start with the sad thing so that this ends happy. One of the Elder in our zone, going to Bulgaria speaking Turkish went home yesterday. He said he had some stuff he needed to take care of or something. We were all pretty bummed about it, he was cool and he always played four-square with us at gym.

But, last night I remembered that line in Kung Fu panda, "there is no such thing as coincidence" (or something like that, it's been a while since I saw that movie.) so I told our district, as we were wallowing in sadness that there is no such thing as coincidence and everything happens for a reason. We can't possibly know how things are going to work out in that Elder's life, only God knows and we have to trust him and stay strong, we can't let this bring us down. Anyway, we are all a lot happier today, so yay!

That's all the sad, now to the happy! I don't think I have mentioned yet that the Pols dominate at four-square. The four-square court pretty much belongs to us! it is awesome and we've been schooling newbies for a while now. The newbies from last week and the ones from yesterday.

 Speaking of, I was a host yesterday. I lead around brand new baby missionaries, scared out of their minds, just like I was four weeks ago! I did not want to do it at first though, they pulled us out of class and made us do it. I'm still kind of sick, not too bad, but just walking around the cafeteria wears out my lungs so badly I have a coughing fit before I can eat my food. So, leading several people all over campus, whilst hauling their bags did not sound like a good idea. I was alright though, I was able to keep my coughing fits to the times while they were in the bookstore or getting their badges, and it was really quite fun!

This week was pretty chill though, for the most part. Oh! except that Elder Holland came to speak to us on Tuesday. That was really cool. I think he's the fourth general authority who has come to speak to us since I got here, it's pretty crazy, there must be something really cool going on right now because there's no such thing as coincidence, ha ha!

Oh! another cool thing that happened! I found out that Elder Sidwell went to Kimber! the same time I was there. He was best friends with Kaleb Seran. He remembers Sifu too, I'm not sure if Sifu would remember him though, his name is Jeremy Sidwell. He mentioned Sifu specifically though and said that he didn't take Kung Fu, Spanish, or Drawing, so I think he was probably in Sifu's class.

Because Siostra McAdams left and Brat Jensen is on vacation we've started having some of the Slovak teachers teach us. It's cool because we've been able to see how similar our languages are. However, whenever Brat Bateman "teaches" he actually has us teach him because he is trying to learn Polish. It's kind of fun, but pretty difficult since we don't actually know Polish all that well and we can't rely on English because he won't speak anything other that Slovak, broken Polish, and occasionally Czech.

Today we get to go to see the Sacred Gifts exhibit at the MOA. the only reason I know the name of the exhibit is because they've had an announcement about it at almost every meal time every day this week, it's become a bit of a joke with all of us and we are getting kind of annoyed with it. We are all really excited to go though, and not just because we get to get away from the MTC for a couple of hours

As for what's been going on it class, Brat Tribe has not been able to keep it together at all this week, he keeps breaking into long tangents in English so he can tell us stories from his mission and show is missions pictures. We love it though, it's been tons of fun. The first time he did it, it was so he could tell us that we are better at Polish now, than he was when he landed in Poland. We've been told several times by teachers and the return missionaries who volunteer for us to teach them, that our Polish is really good and they are impressed by how quickly we are improving. It's pretty cool, though I still feel like I am struggling a bit, I should probably just be grateful that I can mostly understand what my teachers are say and I can somewhat get my point across when I am speaking, that's pretty good for four weeks right?

We've had some fun this week joking around with Sestra Dubois and Starszy Jourdan. They are seriously like the same person, they look alike, they have the same personality, similar interests, they are even both adopted. So we have a running joke that they are long lost siblings. They've totally run with it. Starszy Jourdan likes to say that they were triplets, but Sestra Dubios ate their other sibling in the womb. So, whenever he says something to annoy her, she says she'll eat him too, it's very silly.

Sestra Dubois is miss popular as well. Random Elders she's talked to like once keep asking for her email, she is getting very freaked out by it all and doesn't what to be mean, but also wants them to leave her alone. All the Elders in our district, especially Starszy Jourdan have been simultaneously really protective of her, and making fun of her to know end, it's been really entertaining.

I got the letter about Grandma and her back, I fasted for her on Sunday and I've been praying for her. I'm praying for all ya'lls too, so yeah.

I love you all, sorry this letter is so short, my week was kind of, same old same old... Mostly, I was sick...

P.S. Thank you for the cupcakes! I forgot to say this last week but they were really yummy.

I still feel like I'm forgetting something... but I don't know what it is... If I remember it I will shoot you another email later if I get the chance.

I can't wait to call on Sunday! Kocham Cie!

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