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Monday, September 1, 2014

Can't function... too hungry

Not a whole lot happened this week. So this is going to be a pretty short email. This biggest thing that happened was that we both somehow ran out of money, completely. And we forgot to go food shopping on Monday, so we had no food... I used my card a little for food because I desperately needed to eat more than nuts and cereal (that's literally all I have right now). Siostra Whiteley had like 8 zlots in coins that she was able to use when we were desperate for food. It was rough though. It was basically a fasting week. We are still excising everyday though so we both spent the latter half of the week like zombies with no energy. It was hilarious! Every once in a while, in a meeting or on a tram, we'd look at each other, totally drained, each of us looking about as pathetic as the other one felt, and then just burst out laughing. On Saturday, we had a meeting with our Elders to figure out the details of our "Sport Saturday" that is allegedly happening next week. Elder Smith called Prezydent Cieleński to ask him a question. While talking to him Cieleński revealed to him that fast Sunday would be the next day, instead of next Sunday. Siostra Whiteley just laughed and said. "Well, that's good, cuz we don't have any food anyway!" It's all good now though, we got our new funds in for the month and we went grocery shopping, woot! we get to eat again!

We didn't really have any amazing lessons this week, a lot of our appointments had to be rescheduled. We did have a lesson with a less active, and I understood all of her and Siostra Whiteley's small talk. It was really cool. I've gotten to the point now where I can understand a lot of Polish, at least enough that I can occasionally drop eves on the conversations of random people on the tramwaj. So that's been fun. I've also done better with not freezing when people talk directly to me. This week I had multiple random people ask me questions and I understood and was even able to respond. The questions were all things like "What time is it?" and "What number tramwaj is this?" but still, progress!

 Because we didn't eat much this week we consequently spent several of our dinner hours shopping. I know, we didn't have money for food, but we did have money for clothes, what's going on? that's probably what you are thinking. We didn't have MSF funds, which is used for food and essentials, clothes money comes from personal funds. Paying for food with personal funds is annoying... it makes sense. Anyway, I got myself a transition jacket, because it is most definitely fall here. And Siostra Whiteley bought herself some new going home clothes, including a gorgeous pair of high heels. She needs to get used to wearing them again though, so whenever we are home she puts then on and then walks around the apartment. Our downstairs neighbors must hate us, but it's OK because they threw a loud party the other night that lasted until like 11:00 a.m. the next day, so we hate them too :) Seriously, it was annoying, they kept shouting and singing, badly, I think they thought they had karaoke going, but they didn't... there was no music...

We also did a test pack for Siostra Whiteley... Well, I packed, she sat on her bed in the fetal position freaking out and saying that there was no way I'd be able to pack all of her crap. I did though. I got all her clothes into one bag with space left over. She is now really happy because she knows that she can buy a lot more clothing... I may have done a bad thing...

We had some more funny stuff happen in English. During the class Kasia pointed out a hint of Siostra Whiteley's accent (it's not thick or super Utahn, but there are a few things that she says with kind of an accent) and so that got us on the subjects of accents. We ended up going through a couple of them, Southern, and Minnesota, Boston... and then Jive. I just kept thinking of the scene from Airplane, when the stewardess is having trouble understanding the two black guys and that old woman says "Excuse me, I speak jive" So we talked about that for a little while. Kasia brought it up and wanted to know about it, but being the two whitest white girls in the world (literally, it's in our names) we couldn't teach her much. It was just really funny because when we were planning English we actually considered talking about accents, and at one point I suggested we teach them some jive.

This week wasn't terribly exciting, the Elders weren't in the city for a good part of the week because Meherg didn't come here until Wednesday, and Coutu had to go to Warsaw to finish his legal work. So, I don't even have any fun Elder stories.

I expect this coming week to be awesome though! Elder Stumpf is back!!! Or rather Hendrik Stumpf (His name just screams GERMAN!!!! It's terrifying!) He will be in Wrocław on Wednesday, and he'll be staying through Sunday! He's brought his German parents and he'll be in normal people clothing, which will be weird. I know we are definitely getting lunch with him and his family on Wednesday, and they might be coming to Sport Saturday, so it should be a lot of fun! Woot!

So yeah, that was basically it for the week.

Love y'alls, Kocahm Cię, Keela Selai, i tak dalej...

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