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Monday, August 25, 2014

Epic Solitaire - For the Epically Alone!

Not a lot happened this week, it was kind of sad and lonely. We said goodbye to the Brown Elders, and Elder Whiting, and it was just Whiteley, Owens, and I for a while. Then Elder Smith and his trainee, Elder Cotu, showed up late on Wednesday, and we have only seen them twice since. Once yesterday during church and our usual Sunday night contacting on the rynek, and today, when we got food/ice cream with them, Ola and Cindy.
We finally went to the milk bar! We didn't go before because it was closed, which Ola said was Stumpf's fault because the same thing happened the last time she tried to get him to go to it. It was open again the day Stumpf went back to Germany, so her theory might not be completely crazy. When we went she took pictures of us all there and sent them to him on facebook saying "We ate the emptiness that you left behind" lol, Ola is so funny. But, this also means I was able to find out what a milk bar is. It's basically just a cafeteria, where you can get polish food, for really really cheap. I got soup and naleśniki (basically Polish crepes) for like 4.50 zlots, so less than 2 bucks.

I invented a new game! Siostra Whiteley was feeling bardzo sick on Thursday, so she spend a chunk of time in bed, and I played solitaire with the Phase 10 card deck we snatched from the senior couple apartment. I call this game "Epic Solitaire! - For the Epically Alone. It's solitaire with 2 decks and only 5 places to put cards, the number of cards in each space is doubled too. It's pretty tough, and really fun.I also played clock solitaire a little, and I won! finally. I don't think I've ever one that game before, it's all luck, so it's pretty hard to win. I also played and won Mega Clock Solitaire, which is the same thing but with 2 decks.

I've also been having fun with the Rubik's cube I got for my birthday. I have figured out most of it, I really just need to get the last face and 1 edge. Owens showed me how to do it (logically, actually solving it, not just memorising steps) but I can't remember how he did it, so I'm still struggling a little.

We had a great English class this week. It started with us having them read "Love - The Essence of the Gospel" (conference talk) and picking out words they didn't understand. Then we wanted to help them learn how to express themselves better in English. So we taught them some expressions and phrases... we also taught them "shady" and "sketchy" as it "you are shady as heck!" or "this restaurant is sketchy". They loved it, it was a really good class.

We also have a new investigator! I don't think I mentioned her last time, but she was Elder Stumpf's last contact of his mission. We were at the train station, ready to see him and Elder Fotu off to Warsaw. There was this girl there, she walked by and saw our badges. Kept walking for a bit, then turned around and walked by again, looking at our badges. She almost just kept walking, but turned around again, and this time walked right up to Stumpf and asked him why we were wearing badges. So he explained that we are missionaries and told her a little about her church. She was super excited. He asked if she'd like to meet with missionaries and learn more, and she said yes! So, we got her number. The Elders also chased her down before she got on her train and gave her a Book of Mormon. We met with her yesterday. She wasn't able come until 17:30 though, so she wasn't able to come to church. She is so prepared though. She has been searching, and studying the scriptures. She had even read some of the Book of Mormon before our meeting and did some research on the church. She's totally cool guys, her name is Sylwia pray for her hardcore. We are going to meet with her again this Saturday, with Prezydent Cieleński on the lesson, and she's coming to church this Sunday. Ah! I'm so excited!

Not a lot else happened for the week, it was really slow.

Kocham Cię and Keelah Selai

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