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Monday, August 4, 2014

Wszystko niezręczne

Hey hey hey, this week was pretty chill, so this might be another short letter. The main thing that happened for the whole week is that Siostra Whiteley and I laughed... a lot, like the whole week. We were on something, it was crazy! This was probably the funnest week of the transfer so far, which is saying A LOT, because this whole transfer has been so fun I don't even miss video games... Yes, that's right, I just said that. I'll say it again, in case you're brains couldn't handle that kind of crazy, impossible information, and just blocked it out... I don't miss video games... Don't get me wrong, I still love them and I'll probably cry the next time I hold an xbox controller, but I'm having so my fun and I feel so much purpose right now that it's like, meh, whatever, I'm good. I also don't really miss TV. occasionally I miss movies, like when Whiteley and I listen to the Pride and Prejudice soundtrack. but yeah, wszystko dobre.

I heard two songs this week, just out and about, that made me super happy. The first was "Breakfast and Tiffany's" ahhh! I love that song. A lot of the laughter this week came from Whiteley and I singing that song. The lyrics are just so ridiculous, it's like "yeah, we've got all these problems, we hate each other and can't agree on anything... but we saw that one movie that one time and we kind of remember it... I think we both kinda liked it... so we should definitely stay together." Ha!
The other song I hear was "Tango la Camisa Negra" (not sure if that's even close to correct spelling) It made me think of you Salsa, and it made me really happy. I was super surprised to hear it though.

We had a lesson with one of our recent converts this week. We had to have it through skype though because she's had to go home while her legal work for Poland goes through. She is from Azerbaijan, but she should be returning to Poland in a month or so. Her name is Tamara, she's super cool and totally solid, and we're pretty sure she's probably one of the only members of the church in Azerbaijan right now... so that's awesome.

We also are going to start meeting with some girls from our English class. Their names are Kasia and Ewa, they are sister and have been coming to English for about 5 years. They're talking to the missionaries before about the church, but have never been actually interested in investigating until now. They both speak English really well too. Siostra Whiteley had me set up with them. I was kind of nervous when she first told me I would be doing it. But at the same time, I know Kasia and Ewa really well now, we're tight. So it went great and I had no reason to be nervous. I think it's good that the first time I set up a lesson with someone it was people I know and am really comfortable around. I think teaching them will be really fun to. They are both really sharp ladies though and I'm certain they will have a lot of questions, luckily I know that they are both good enough at English that if I need to, I can respond in English.

This week we did some free tables, just Whiteley and me. It was super fun and we met the cutest kid during one. I call him a kid, but he was probably in his late teens early 20's. His name is Piotr and he was so funny. He walked past our table (with a friend), got like 40 feet away from it in the tunnel, looked back, saw us, ditched is friend and came over. He had already heard quite a bit about us, I think he said something about JWs, we're pretty sure he had talked to them. He asked us if he could have a Book of Mormon, and we gave him the Elders' number. While Siostra Whiteley was writing down the number he continued talking, to me. I didn't understand everything he said, but I did hear him say that he was going to a Catholic church, but he thinks Catholics are "dziwny" (weird) and made a hilarious face. He was adorable though, and we really hope he calls the Elders!

I had a really cool experience in church yesterday. We were waiting for it to start, and for about half the members to show up, cuz they're always super late. And one of the members, Andrej Cieślak, started talking to me. I've been having a lot of trouble understanding what people say when they are talking directly to me, I can actually understand a good amount when they are talking to someone else around me, but I always freeze when their questions are directed to me. It's been really discouraging and I've actually been worrying a bit lately that I'm never going to be able to really speak and understand Polish as well as I want to. But when he was talking to me (and mind you, I've never really spoken to him before, so I'm not used to his Polish) I actually understood almost everything he said, there were a few moments when I got confused and had to seek help from a nearby bi-lingual person, but for the most part I was actually able to understand and respond quite well. It was especially cool because at one point while he was talking, and I was understanding, I had the reassuring thought that I will be about to get this language. 

There's not much else that happened this week. Today we are having culture night though. We are going to the oldest restaurant in Poland... I can't remember what it's called though. Then we are going to see some Japanese gardens, we might rent bikes and take them there if it doesn't rain. Whiteley really wanted to rent tandem bikes, but I don't think they have them to rent anywhere, I haven't seen any. Then we are going to see a fountain show, thingy... not sure what it is, but I'm super excited! Yay! Culture night! Woo! Pants!

Talk to ya'll next week, next week's my birfday!!! yay! I'm freaking out! It's almost transfer week to and I do not want this transfer to end... I have never before wanted my birthday to just not happen as much as I do right now, cuz when my birthday happens that means we only have like a week left... AH!
Hopefully I stop freaking out by the time that happens...
Kocham Cię and Keelah Selai!

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