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Saturday, August 23, 2014


Yay! Birthday week! I had an awesome birthday week guys! Monday was crazy though. after we finished emailing we all went to get burgers and then rode bikes to the mall for shopping. I was bardzo sick though. I had chills and I felt crazy weird. We all thought it was because I drank almost a liter of coke on an empty stomach, but by the end of the day it was clear I was sick. I kept freaking out though cuz I was hyper as well as sick. While we were eating lunch I kept shivering and occasionally saying things like. "Dude, that coke was totally laced with something!" At one point I turned to Siostra Whiteley and yelled "I'm trippin' balls, man!" She just busted out laughing, it was hilarious!

Tuesday, MY BIRTHDAY! was the best day ever, hands down! We had so much fun. We had district meeting in the morning and the power was supposedly off in the chapel for the day, so we decided to have our meeting at the senior couple's apartment, which is now vacant, and super nice. I opened my presents there (my package arrived just in time, yay!). Thank's so much for the lovely gifts guys :)

Elder Stumpf also gave me a present, he decided to pass on his lava lamp, because he can't take it home with him. Now it sits next to my desk all day. We turn it on first thing it the morning, and then first thing when we get home at night. Sometimes during nightly planning we'll get distracted by it and then just stare at it for about 20 minutes with our mouths open, occasionally just going "ooo! ahh!"

After district meeting we went to a Pierogarnia as a district and had massive oven bakes pierogi. Then Siostra Whiteley and I went out to take a book to a self referral the White Elders gave us the day before. We gave the lady the book and then she gave us 2 more referrals! it was awesome.

We ran into the Elders a few more times throughout the day and had a lot of fun with them. I'm happy to say that we achieved perfect jedność (unity) with our Elders this transfar, we love them all and had so much fun with them.

The rest of the week was just really chill, we basically just enjoyed our lives hard-core and occasionally shouted "BIRTHDAY WEEK!" We also played "Mexican Train" with our Elders, which is the funnest, most stressful game in the world. We are planning to play it again today too.

We had a cool moment at our "sit-table/whiteboard" on Thursday (that's a regular whiteboard except we have a table of free stuff set up and 2 people contact, and 2 people sit at the table and talk to anyone who approaches. Elder Fotu and I were at the table and a woman came up to us, so Fotu asks her if she has an answer to our whiteboard question. I don't remember what her response to that was, but she eventually asked it we were JW's, we told her no and told her a little about our church, also invited her to come to church. Then Fotu asks if he can give her a pamphlet, he starts reaching toward the Przywrócenie (restoration) pamphlet. Then he stops, and instead picks up the Plan Zbawienia (Plan of Salvation) pamphlet. As he handed it to the woman, she got kinda teary and said that her husband had just died. She took the pamphlet and immediately started reading it as she walked away, it was a really cool moment.

So, this week is transfer week, which means Saturday was calls. Prezydent Edgrin called us at random points in the day to tell us where we'd be and what we'd be doing with the next 2 months of our lives. I was freaking out! So was everyone else though. Siostra Owen and Siostra Ott in Katowice (Ott was my companion for my exchange a few weeks ago, and Owen was Siostra Whiteley's companion two transfers ago, so we're pretty tight with them) called us multiple times throughout the week to give us their predictions and to freak out. Stumpf was the only one not freaking out, of course, because he's going home. He had his own predictions, and was right about most of them. He and Fotu got on a train to Warsaw yesterday, Stumpf goes home tomorrow, and Fotu is going to be an AP (assistant to the prezydent). Elder Whiting is going to Bydgoszcz to be a Zone leader. Elder Owens is staying in Wrocław and is going to be companions with Elder Meherg. Elder Smith (who we have nicknamed Brother Zacharias) is coming to Wrocław with a trainee. And Siostra Whiteley and I are staying in Wrocław as well. :) yay! She will finish off my training and I will be a full blooded Whiteley trainee... or Lilwhiteley as Fotu has nicknamed me.

So yeah, that's basically what's going on with us here right now. We said goodbye to the Brown Elders and are hanging out with the White Elders tylko today. We'll have to say goodbye to Elder Whiting on Wednesday and drop him off at the train station too, it'll be very sad. Then we get a whole day to hang out with Owens because Smith and his trainee don't get into the city until 20:30 and Meherg isn't coming at all until next week... I'm sure I'll have many highly entertaining stories about Wednesday in my next email.

Kocham Cię i Keelah Selai i tak dalej...

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