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Monday, November 24, 2014

Introducing the New Senior Couple in Katowice...

The Sisters!

Yup, we are now the new senior couple in Katowice, at least that's how it feels, because this week was Thanksgiving... at least it was according to the Polish members of Katowice... Last week Prezydent Urban informed us that we would be having a Thanksgiving party on Saturday(for some reason), and he would give us the money to put it together. (During the party a few times people asked us "Do you celebrate Thanksgiving on Saturday, or Sunday" and when we responded with "Thursday" we got some odd looks) Normally the senior couple would organise it, but since we don't have one in Katowice (or practically any other city in Poland) it fell to us missionaries to get it put together... correction, it fell to the Sisters to get it put together... We handed out some tasks to various branch members, and we had the Elders doing a few things, but we had kind of a lot to do. Thankfully not the turkey, Helena Urban made that (... actually I think it turned out to be pork instead, I didn't ask, but it looked like pork) And actually Ryszard made one too. But we did make the ham, and cookies, and stuffing, and bought all the ingredients for most things, and had to be in the chapel while Richard cooked the turkey there. It was a lot, it ended up being very successful though and we felt very proud of what we had accomplished. :)

Seriously though, if you guys know any senior couples who are thinking about serving a mission urge them to go, and to choose Poland if possible! We need senior couples, but not just here, we need senior couples in every mission!

Other than Thanksgiving, which was the main focus of the week, the other big thing that happened was POKEMON! Pokemon cards here are kind of hard to find, especially in Polish. We found some last week and were kind of freaking out about them. Gibby and Remy bought a few packs and were talking about them with Kaja, who, it turns out, collected them with her brother when they were little, but they haven't done anything with them in years. So, seeing how happy they were with the cards Kaja decided to give Gibby and Remy her collection, and she has a lot of old, awesome valuable cards. They are not allowed to sell them though. She also gave me a holo Garados too, so I'm very happy about that. When she gave her holo Charizard to Elder Gibby he was so overcome with joy he let out a hilarious high pitched scream and then exclaimed that, that it the sound you make when you get to the celestial kingdom. It was so funny! After that though, we all had the fever, and went out and bought many more pokemon cards. I have about 40 in Polish, and have been trading them with the elders, it's so much fun!

I also finally solved my rubix cube. Elder Remy gave me some useful tips and now I can solve it in like 3 minutes, and I'm getting faster. It's so cool!

We also have a new investigator we are working with, named Justyna. She is the daughter of a less active member who is so less active that none of the members here know him. She remembers coming to church when she was little and she really liked it. She loves studying religion and is currently searching for the truth. So yeah, she's really cool.

There's not much else for this week, sorry, this email is pretty short, most of the week was eaten up trying to plan for and prepare Thanksgiving...

I hope you all have a great week, kocham was, keelah selai, i tak dalej...

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