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Monday, December 1, 2014


Ok, so right after I finished emailing about Pokemon cards last week, we went out to diagon alley and found a game shop that it seems can't be found except by those who already knows where it is. Well, find it, we did, and I bought myself a Magic deck :) (Magic: The Gathering) then later, I got myself another one, so Sister King and I can play together. Elder Remy has one, and he taught me how to play, and its been a lot of fun.

This week was pretty chill though, there weren't many significant happenings, other than thanksgiving, of course, and a few funny moments.

Thanksgiving was entertaining, for several reasons. We had a lesson with Kaja at the chapel, and while we were there, got a call from the Elders telling us that they had accidentally overbooked themselves, and if we could take their English lesson with their investigator Mirek. We already had a lesson scheduled with Sylwia, one of the members here, so we weren't sure how to make it work out. So, we called Sylwia, and she was already on her way, but she was ok with joining Mirek in the English lesson. Kaja had handball practice in an hour, so decided to just hang out at the chapel and read during the time. The lesson started out really slow, and kind of painful, but slowly began to pick up speed when we had them read "Little Red Riding Hood". It was really funny, because every once in a while when Mirek and Sylwia would ask about a word that we didn't know in Polish, Kaja, who was just outside the room, would shout the word and we would tun back to Mirek and Sylwia and repeat the word, as if we knew it all along. Eventually Kaja just came into the room and joined our English lesson too, it was really funny. The best part of the lesson though was when Mirek got hung up on the word "love" Mirek - "Love, co to znaczy?" (what does that mean?) Sylwia - "You know, love, I love you!" Mirek - "... oh!" Me - *desperately trying to turn my laughter into a convincing cough

That night we had 2 hours for thanksgiving dinner, so we decided to spend it with the Elders, and Daniel. Unfortunately none of us had any money, so we couldn't go anywhere really nice, and after all the food we had to make for the party last Saturday, we didn't want to make anything. So we ended up going to the food court at the dworzec mall. Most of us got KFC, not turkey, but close :) After that, we went back to the chapel, and Sister King, Elder Gibby, Daniel, and I played Settlers of Catan.

Daniel and I also talked a lot about Fallout: New Vegas, specifically the add-on Honest Hearts, in which you basically help the Nephites fight the Lamanites, and then get a Book of Mormon in the end. Daniel was telling me how, before he joined the church he played that and was like, "Hmm, I wonder what that book is that this religious guy is always reading." And then after he joined the church he went back and played it again and was like "Oh! Now I understand!" lol, I thought that was pretty cool.

So that was Thanksgiving, it was pretty chill, but we still had a lot of fun. There weren't too many other big things that happened this week, so the rest of this email will be funny little moments throughout the week.

One night, Sister King and I were going to play a game of Magic: The Gathering. We had already got our cards set up and were all ready to start when we realised we hadn't closed our nightly planning with a prayer, so, we decided to quickly pray. King - *starting the prayer "Nasz (our)..." *stops, realising that she's said it the last 6 times in a row Me - "Nope, you've already started it" King - "All I said was 'Nasz' like 'Nasz gry jest fajny!'" (our game is great!) *gesturing to the magic cards in front of her It might have been one of those, "you had to be there moments" but whe laughed really hard over it.

Sister King bought herself an "Frozen" advent calender but started it early so it will finish before she goes home. She struggled a little with the math though for the first few days and wasn't sure if she could eat a chocolate or not, or if she needed to eat several chocolates to have it finish on time. The other night she asked me if she could eat a chocolate, so I decided to consult our calender. I turned away from her as she was holding the advent calender, to look at our big calender, for literally a second, and when I looked back, she was already holding a chocolate in her hand. I quickly told her not to eat it yet because I hadn't gotten a good look at the calender. I looked away again, for only a second, and when I looked back at her, she was still holding the chocolate, but now it had a big bite taken out of it. It was so funny, and perfect.

The other night we decided to go visit a potential who lives way out in upper Kato, which we've never gone to before, so we brought our maps and set out. While we were looking at the map a woman came by and offered to help us, she told us which tram to take, and even asked the driver, to make absolutely sure that it would take us where we needed to go. Then, just before she needed to get off the tram she was telling us what stop to get off on when a woman volunteered to show us which stop. That woman, then, not only helped us find the stop, but then took us all the way to the apartment complex we needed to go to. It was just a really cool moment, because earlier sister King had been talking about how during her mission Polish people have always been willing to help her when she's been lost, and how they will go out of they're way to do something nice, and then we got to see an example of that, once again. It was a really cool, and heartwarming experience :)

That's basically it for this week. I hope you guys had a great thanksgiving, and that you have a great week this week.

Happy birthday mom! Sto lat!

Sto lat, sto lat, Niech żyje, żyje nam. Sto lat, sto lat, Niech żyje, żyje nam. jeszcze raz,jeszcze raz, Niech żyje, żyje nam. Niech żyje nam! Sto lat!

Kocham was!

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