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Monday, April 6, 2015

Conference in Wrocław Take 2

This week was pretty slow, the weather has been the worst. Like right now. 5 minutes ago I looked outside and it was relatively bright and clear, I just looked out 2 seconds ago and it's dark and snowing... It's been like that all week this week. Sunny and... not too cold, one minute, the next minute... Hailing. I'm not even exaggerating. On Monday we went to pizza hut to get some pizza's to take home. When we went into the restaurant it was really bright, and almost too warm for our coats. After we bought our pizzas and turned to leave 15 minutes later, pada grad! (Hail!) dime sized pieces of hail rained on us almost the entire walk to the tramstop, and during the journey home. Thank goodness we got a bag to cover our pizzas with!

Because of the weather being really changable not a lot happened this week. We had a lot of plans change on us at the last minute, and it seemed like every time we'd step outside to go talk to people, flash snowstorm! and the streets would empty!

... Oh, and it just stopped snowing outside and got sunny again.

We did have an exchange though. One of the members from Białystock, Patty, went on a mini mission to Katowice, so, sister Smith arranged a kind of different exchange. She stayed with Patty in Kato, and Sister Antczak came to Wrocław with Sister McCleary and I. It was very last minute and a lot of fun. (And now it's snowing again) So last minute in fact that the Elders didn't know she was there until she walked into our correlation meeting, lol, their faces were priceless, they were all "There's another sister here?" (and it just got so sunny my companion just said, quote "It's so sunny I expect Christ to just come down!")

While she was here Sister Antczak was on a mission (like the video game kind of mission... of course she's on a mission...), to buy Sister Smith a birthday present (it was her birthday on Friday, and it was the only time she'd be able to buy something without sister Smith there) She planned to buy her a mini chess board and a stuffed white bunny, because sister Smith is a bunny, in every way. We figured it would be hard to find the chess board, and we didn't find one. But we expected it would be easy to find a white rabbit, what with it being Easter and all... wrong, for some reason it is straight up impossible to locate a stuffed white rabbit in Wrocław... possibly in all of Poland. It was quite the adventure though.

When we took Sister Antczak to the train station the next day the weather was OK, it hadn't actually been too bad ever since the hail storm ended on Monday. As we were traveling there on the tram though we noticed some snow outside. But it was pretty light and didn't seem too bad. By the time we got into the dworzec it was a little heavier, but, after only 10 minutes in the dworzec we looked outside the windows and it was completely white. There were huge golf ball sized snowflakes falling, and the city was just gone.

The last thing of importance that happened this week was conference! It was awesome, and it was my second conference in Worcław. We watched it in the chapel, just like last time, but we had so much trouble with the live stream that we ended up going like a half hour over on all of them. On the Saturday afternoon session we went an hour over. Just about every time the picture would freeze on someone in the middle of a talk we would hold whatever food we were eating (usually cookies or pizza) to the screen and say "Are you hungry (insert name)?" At least for the first little while, then the freezing became too frequent and annoying.

It was a lot of fun though, and a really good conference, lots of talks about families. I really loved that talk by Elder Holland about the brothers rock climbing... unfortunately the video started skipping ahead to Elder Uchdorf's talk, so we didn't get to finish it... We also haven't seen the last session yet...

Anyway, that's basically it for the week, sorry for spending so much time talking about the weather, but it's been bad enough this week that it's kind of been one of the hot topics among us missionaries.

Kocham was!

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