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Monday, April 27, 2015

Transfers, ah!

This week was a little bit stressful, only because it was transfers week and Sister McCleary and I were freaking out because we really wanted to stay together... Well, our multiple requests to Prezydent Edgrin, and God payed off because we are staying together for another transfer! Woo! we're super excited. Unfortunately we had a lot more elders leave than are coming in, so we are losing a companionship of Elders in Wrocław. It's just going to be me and McCleary with Elders Remy and Garcia.

The way we got our call was pretty funny though. We were on our way to the chapel after contacting a referral, which you will read about later, it was pretty funny. And there must have been something going on in the city that day because it was jam packed full of people. The only thing I know of for sure was a tattoo convention. We got onto a tram that was so packed full of people that we were standing in the doorway, pressed against the door, facing each other. After a few minutes of sweltering hot silence I leaned over to Sister McCleary and said "this would be the worst possible time for us to hear the imperial march (Prezydent's ringtone) we both kind of chuckled about that... then, about 30 seconds later, what do we hear coming from sister McCleary's pocket?... that's right, the imperial march. we both looked at each other in shock and I quickly did my best to turn away from Sister McCleary so I couldn't see her reaction when she talked to him. lol, I jinx us a lot...

For example, yesterday we were walking to the tram stop, on our way to church. Sister McCleary was commenting on how perfect the weather was, and what a beautiful day it was going to be, and I couldn't help but think "Watch, the tram we need will pass us right now"... Then we both looked behind us to see the tram coming. So we both started running to the stop. Normally the tram waits at that stop for at least 2 minutes, but this one barely waited for 30 seconds. and when I was just a few feet from the door, with my hand outstretched to hit the button, it pulled away. It was ridiculous...

As for the referral we contacted. That was the mother of our investigator Adam. Adam suggested we go by and see if we could help her with anything a little while ago. And on Friday night when we were at Adam and Agnieszka's we told them we were planning to go visit her. They both looked kind of nervous and were like "OK, we'll call her to let her know you are coming". So, their semi-terrified reactions made us very apprehensive about visiting her. But we did anyway... When we got there she opened the door and was like "Kto Tam!? (who's there!?) So we explained that Adam sent us to see if we could help her with anything. She immediately asked us if we were Jehovah's Witnesses, and when we said no she opened her door wide and told us to come in. It took us a minute to react and start walking in so she suddenly yelled at us to hurry up and get in the house because she didn't have that much life left, lol. She was straight up terrifying, so we ran in and she herded us into her living room and command-form-ed us to "Siadajcie!" (sit down!) We were about 90 percent sure at this point that she was going to keep us hostage. She then asked what we were chodź-ing at, so I explained again. As I was talking her cat came into the room and mewed at us. My face went from very serious and a little scared, to a ridiculously happy smile in an instant. The cat jumped up on the table and I immediately started petting it. Then, once we started paying attention to the cat, Wanda started liking us and we ended up having a really great time there. She's not too scary after a while... but she is pretty hard to understand...

Sister McCleary and I met a really funny babcia on a whiteboard on Thursday. She had met missionaries before in Warsaw and in Łodź and was super nice. She talked to us for a while about various things. Her son who lives in Florida who now speaks Polish with an American accent, her daughter in Łodź, the fact that she was going to meet with missionaries and then got tired, lol, she was really funny, probably the funniest babcia I've ever seen. The best part was when this old guy walked by shouting random stuff (which is a pretty common occurrence in Poland) and the babcia stopped mid sentence, looked over at him and shouted back "Dziadek, cicho!" (Grampa, quiet!) It was so funny, we all just died laughing.

Then, on Friday we had our culture night, so we went to sky tower as a district. Sky tower is the largest building in Poland. it was pretty cool, we took lots of pictures, and of course, we all had to take "tool shots", meaning pictures of us posing majestically in front of the windows, looking out over our territory.

On Sunday we had cleaning checks. So after church we went home to eat lunch and clean. While we were eating we decided to watch Emma Smith: My Story. By the end of the movie Sister McCleary had fallen asleep, so I just went about and finished the cleaning before the elders arrived. Through all the cleaning Sister McCleary didn't wake up, even when I vacuumed in the same room next to her head. And that vacuum is pretty loud, so loud that I didn't hear the elders knocking on the door and ringing the doorbell. I eventually heard them and let them in, and they went about doing the cleaning check and talking loudly. But sis McCleary would not wake up. We even called out to her a few times. She didn't wake up until they were leaving and I went into the room and shouted "Sister McCleary! Are you dead? Say goodbye to the Elders!" then she woke up and looked around confused just in time to see them leave, it was hilarious! She is a very heavy sleeper, sometimes I build pillow forts around her while she is taking a nap and she wakes up in confusion, it is very entertaining for me :)

That's basically it for the week. I'm very excited to be staying in Wrocław, and I am ecstatic to be staying with sister McCleary!

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