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Monday, May 4, 2015


So... Apparently my face is putty... Sister McCleary informed me the other day that the skin on your face grows in whatever direction you pull it. That's why when you apply makeup you are supposed to put it on moving in an upward direction... So, you can cause the skin on your face to sag just by putting on your makeup wrong... AH! when I found this out I kind of freaked out and began pushing the skin on my face up and away so I don't end up with "Droopy the Dog" jowls. I've been paranoid about it all week...

Anyway, as for the rest of the week. It was pretty chill. It was transfers this week. So we had one last P-day as a district. We just spent the day walking around Wrocław looking at all the pretty art and looking at the cathedrals on and around catholic island. Then we went with Elders Jackson and Torres and got Pizza Hut for dinner. On our way back to the chapel we heard some people speaking English, so Elder Jackson, being Elder Jackson, went to say hello. Big mistake, they were super drunk and once they found out we were Americans they thought we were instant best friends and kept trying to get us to sit down and eat dinner with them. I thought drunk Polish people were annoying, drunk Americans are the worst, at least I can't understand what the drunk Poles are trying to say! Lol, we finally escaped them though and went to buy some juice at a store near the chapel. Elder Jackson got himself a poweraid and started drinking it right after he got out of the żabka. In about 2 seconds the whole bottle was empty and Elder Jackson was sad. We heard him sniffling (fake crying, the dork, lol, *roll my eyes*) then he said "What happened to my poweraid! Did I buy it empty?!" He then proceeded to play it up all the way to the chapel, and even fell on the floor in the elevator "crying". It was really entertaining.

Elder Jackson is always doing funny things like that. Earlier in the day we came across some kids doing parkour. Elder Jackson saw them and was like "I want to go over there and do a flip!" So we were all like "do it!" so he did, but instead of running over there, or trying to do some kind of cool lead up to the flip, he creepily tiptoed towards the kids and then at the last second did a flip over the bench they were standing on, then ran away. It was hilarious.

Tuesday was transfer day, so we had to be at the Dworzec bright and early to see Elders Wynne, Jackson, and Torres off on their trains. We then spent the rest of the day, until 17:17 with Elder Remy until his companion, Elder Garcia came in from Kielce. The day before had been sweltering hot, and that morning was a little brisk and rainy, but we thought for sure that it would warm up, so Sister McCleary and I didn't wear coats, and I didn't even bother wearing tights... Unfortunately it did not get warmer, it actually got colder. To top things off, we spent the entire day helping Elder Remy move things between the two Elders' apartments and he didn't have a tram pass, so we had to walk the whole time. So, we spent most of the day outside in the cold, walking back and forth, and those apartments are not close, they are at least a mile apart, probably more.

Needless to say, since that day we've been a little under the weather. I've had a sore throat and Sister McCleary's has a pretty bad cold... We won't be making that mistake again, we've been over dressing for the last couple of days. We'd rather be too warm, than make ourselves sicker.

We had some fun stuff happen on a whitebaord we had with the Elders this week. Most of it happened to Elder Garcia though. He's from Austria, and he's half Filipino, so he pretty closely resembles a gypsy, which makes contacting sometimes difficult for him. Gypsys are always coming up to people and begging for money, they will follow you down the street, into shops, even into cathedrals... yeah. One tactic they have for getting money is they will hand out little cards (which is a pretty common sight, people handing out flyers) but, if you take the flyer, they will follow you and insist you pay them for it. The only way to escape them at that point is to pay them (really bad idea) or basically throw the card at them (or you can do what sister King did once and stick it in the hood of their coat and run away). Well, Elder Garcia tried to talk to a girl and she turned him down, no doubt thinking he was a gypsy asking for money. But then, he tried to hand her an "I'm a Mormon" card and she straight up slapped his hand away and ran for it, lol, it was hilarious!

On that same whitebaord Elder Garcia also started talking to a guy who turned out to be kind of crazy. Picture the rat from flushed away with the toast sign that says "the end is nigh!" and you've basically got a good mental image of this guy. Poor elder Garcia was talking to him for like a half hour, lol.

I think that's basically it for the week... Transfer week is usually pretty slow. This coming week is going to be interesting though, we have zone training and we're going to Katowice for that, and it looks like I'll be staying in Katowice for Thursday too because Sister McCleary needs to go to Warsaw to get her legal work done and unfortunately I don't get to go with her. :( Bummer, I was really hoping I'd get to go to Warsaw when she did her legal work. It's about time she did it though, she's basically been in the country illegally for a few weeks now.

Kocham was!

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