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Monday, May 11, 2015

Dzień Matki

It was so awesome getting to talk to you guys yesterday! I'm just sad that I didn't have more time, I'm greedy like that :)

This week went by so fast, I'm sure part of it was the excitement of getting to skype on Sunday, but I think another big part of it had to do with the fact that we weren't in Wrocław for a good chunk of the week. We went to Katowice Wednesday morning for zone training, but then, because sister McCleary and Sister Johnston had to do their legal work the next day, we spent the night in Kato with sisters Slagowska and Johnston. We had a lot of fun. We went to their English class which was, of course, very entertaining. Wacek was there, he told me I'm "a sitting girl still" then waved with both arms like limp noodles, lol.

We decided to sit in on Elders Torres and Connelly's class. They only had one student there at first and she didn't want to be in there all alone. Eventually they got a second student in there. It was very entertaining for two reasons though, first because Elder Connelly was being a total sass, lol. Every time their student would say a complicated word in English Connelly would say "You do speak English!" she would then insist that she doesn't speak English, and Connelly would sass her in Polish and insisted that because she knows words he doesn't even know, then she does speak English. The other reason it was entertaining was because Elder Torres can't spell anything, in Polish or in English. At one point he spelled "pumpkin" like "pumpkim"... seriously?! Lol, we kept having to spell stuff out for him. At one point he was writing down a list of food we eat at thanksgiving, so we were naming and spelling things for him. Sister McCleary said "sweet potatoes elder, and they're spelled G-U-L-L-I-B-L-E". He started to write it, but eventually realised what he was doing, we just died laughing at him, and their students just sat there confused, they didn't follow what we were doing.

The next day Sister Slagowska and I sent sisters McCleary and Johnston off on a train to Warsaw for the day. They were going to be back around 18:20 and then 10 minutes later Sister McCleary and I would be on a train back to Wrocław... however, we returned back to the Kato apartment after saying goodbye to our companions to find that we didn't have the keys. All of my stuff, including the keys to the Worcław apartment, were inside the Kato Apartment, so it was then that we realised we would be spending another night in Katowice, unless we had a spare key somewhere... which we didn't. It was simultaneously sad and hilarious when Sister Slagowska called the Elders and said "So... we sent our keys to Warsaw this morning..." The Elders let us into the chapel though and we were able to finish our studies there.

Later that day we had a finding activity in Tarnowskie Góry. I drew the Plan of Salvation on the ground in chalk, which I've been wanting to do for like a really long time but just haven't gotten around to it. It took me a really long tome to finish it all, I finished it only a few minutes before we had to leave, so when I finished I looked at the other missionaries and said "I'm sorry it took me so long to finish this, but, you asked an artist to do this... not not a child with crayons... what did you expect?"

Soon after we got back from the finding activity we picked up Sisters McCleary and Johnston, and informed Sister McCleary that we would not be going home that night. It was all good though because we had a fun time hanging out with the Kato sisters and were able to get back to Wrocław in time for our lessons the next day.

We had literally the funniest tram ride I've ever experienced on Saturday. There were two guys on there who were so drunk that one was just singing softly to the other one who was dying of laughter. They were so ridiculous that everyone else on the tram was laughing at them too. I couldn't understand what the guy was singing about but he sounded like Jabba the Hut but with a higher voice. It was so funny!

On our way off of the tram a guy near the door stopped sister McCleary, and handed her a flower. It was super cute, she was all smiles after that, even though the boy wasn't all that good looking and the flower had ants on it, lol.

And then yesterday I got to skype my lovely family, which of course, was awesome :)

That's basically it for the week, I can't really think of anything else that happened, it was pretty great though.

Kocham was!

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