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Monday, July 13, 2015

All's Well

The weather was so much better this week. We prayed for rain, and for things to cool down and it definitely happened. It's been much cooler and more pleasant. Though on Thursday, when we were in Legnica, is was down-right freezing. Our train was delayed 40 minutes too, so we huddled together on the train platform, which thankfully was covered, but still open on the sides, and played Uno. We also got rained out of a whiteboard/banner finding activity with the elders yesterday. We had just set up our fancy new banner (they are colourful and have pictures of the Jesus from the new videos) when the wind started picking up. I had to hold onto the banner with both hands and stand on the back so it didn't blow away. Then the sky just opened up and drenched us all. Elder Connelly loved it, lol, he kept trying to contact people in the rain but they were all running to get inside, and no one stopped, not too surprising. Poor Elder Lanterman chose the wrong day to wear his khaki pants, they went from a light golden colour, to a poopy brown in seconds, it was very entertaining.

We met some cool people this week and had some fun experiences. On the train ride to and from Legnica, sister Carlson and I always try to get seats across from each other with a little table on the side so we can play Uno. On the way to Legnica on Thursday we managed to get some really good seats. A guy sat next to us and so partway through the train ride Sis Carlson invited him to play Uno with us. He said no thanks, but then we ended up talking to him anyway. we found out that he was interested in learning English and invited him to our classes. He's a JW but he was super nice. We gave him our number and a few hours later he called us to make sure of the time for English, so we're really hopeful he'll come.

Then on Friday we had a whiteboard with the Elders. We were trying to talk to people and no one was stopping even for a second, for a long time. Sis Carlson was starting to get discouraged and at one point just stopped and said "Please, somebody just stop!" Then we saw two women walking towards us, going opposite directions, so I told Sis Carlson to choose which one she wanted to talk to. She chose the older woman and as soon as Sis Carlson spoke to her she stopped dead, and we were able to have a good conversation with her and leave her with a book.

Yesterday was pretty great. A few weeks ago we got a self referral, some Ukrainians who had met with missionaries in the Ukraine and wanted to keep coming to church and meeting with missionaries. We've had trouble setting up with them because they speak little to no Polish or English and it's hard to understand Ukrainian. But they were finally able to come to church yesterday, and we were able to meet with them. Thankfully we have Wlademir in our branch, he is Ukrainian and speaks English really well, so we had him on the lesson to translate. It went really well. Two of them Tatiana and Dimitri have already had all the lessons and even had baptismal dates in the Ukraine. We're really excited about them, they are really eager to come back to church and to prepare to be baptised, it's awesome!

On Saturday We were planning to go to Legnica for the whole day but Prezydent Edgren informed he and sister Edgren would be in town. So we had some good interviews with them and still went to Legnica afterwards, but only to drop off more letters for tracting. We delivered all of the letters except one before we had to book it back to the dworzec in order to catch the 19:52 train. If we'd have missed it we would have had to take the train at 20:52 and wouldn't have gotten into our house until past 22:00 (10:00). We basically power-walked/jogged from one end of legnica to the other in about 14 minutes and made it just in time for our train. I was the only one allowed to jog as we were going though because I'm a slow-poke and I have no endurance and Sis Carlson would have left me in the dust if she had been able to run, or even lightly jog, so she power-walked, and she was still faster than me!

On the train ride home we sat near a guy who was watching old episodes of Doctor Who on his laptop. We watched a little over his shoulder, we couldn't hear anything because he had headphones, but it had English subtitles, we tried to read them a little, but they were too fast for us. He then started watching some other BBC show that was very confusing. Everyone was yelling and talking with their hands and we couldn't for the life of us figure out what was going on. It looked at first like a court drama, then it looked like a crime drama, then the guy kept laughing (in between falling asleep) so we thought maybe it was a comedy, then it looked like the world was ending, and their was a press conference where they seemed to be introducing a new product, and in the preview for the next episode there was definitely a trial to straighten out everything that had happened. We were very confused, and we couldn't help but make fun of it and talk for the characters the entire way.

We're pretty sure that guy was a wizard though he was on the train with us, then I saw him get off the train before us, and take off, then I could have sworn he was behind me at one point. Then next thing you know, we're waiting at the tram stop and he crossed the street going back toward the dworzec. Then Sis Carlson saw him waiting at the tram stop with us. And then next thing you know, he was on one of the trams that passed by us. It was crazy!
There wasn't too much else that happened this week. There was a really funny moment in a lesson with Lucyna where Sis Carlson completely botched a word, didn't even come close to pronouncing it right and Lucyna and I just looked at each other and snickered quietly, Sis Carlson didn't notice, it was really funny.

That's basically it. We're excited for this coming week, Legnica is going to be having their own church meeting so Sis Carlson and I get to go to that, we're going to have double church next week, woo!

Kocham was!

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