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Monday, July 6, 2015

Summer is Definitely Here.....

This week was pretty great. The first half of the week was pretty tough and discouraging. Partly because it's really really hot, and I hate being outside and doing things when it's hot, and partly because we were working really hard and seeing nothing for our efforts. That's not really an uncommon occurrence, bit it's the start of a new transfer and feeling like you're having no success at the start of the transfer can be really tough because it feels never-ending.

When we planned on Friday we were both kind of bummed and were like well, this week was a bust, We didn't find anyone new, we didn't make a single number goal, and we're sad. Then, that very afternoon, we had a Whiteboard with the elders.

At one point Sis Carlson stopped this girl and asked her is she had a minute to talk. Usually people say that they don't have any time, but this girl immediately said "Tak" (yes) and stopped dead. We talked to her a little about the Book of Mormon and she was super interested. She told us she had ridden the tram with us the day before and she had looked at us and thought to herself "I want to talk to them and know more about what they teach" and then we stopped her the next day! It was so cool. She's finishing exams for school right now, so we haven't been able to meet with her yet, but she's really cool. Her name is Justyna, which is cool because an hour before we met her, Elder Connelly had been saying that every set of sisters has an investigator named Justyna and we were like "We don't".

Then on Saturday we went to Legnica again and went tracting. It was boiling hot, I'm pretty sure we shattered some record. No one was outside, except two little sister missionaries who were literally drenched in sweat, I'm not going to lie. Tracting was very hot, and not terribly successful, and then we had to head back to the train station early to catch a train so we could get to Wrocław in time for a lesson with Lucyna. We bought our tickets and waited on the platform, and then they announced that our train was delayed 30 minutes. so we waited some more, and some more. Thankfully we weren't in the sun, but we were in a big metal building, so we were dying. Then the train arrived and the air conditioning was off... so we boiled to death for the entire hour long ride back to Wrocław. When were were getting close to town I noticed the guy sitting diagonal to me, next to sis Carlson (who was totally passed out), was looking at our badges a lot. I had a strong feeling that when the train stopped in Wrocław I needed to give him an ulotka (pass-along card). I didn't want to because it was hot, and we were packed on that train like sardines and I just wanted to burst out of the train and run to the nearest żabka to buy water, the second the train reached the platform. But I knew I needed to, so I did anyway. He thanked me for it and we parted ways.

Then, yesterday we had a whiteboard planned with the Elders, and yet again it was stupid hot outside. So much so that I really wanted the whiteboard to fall through somehow so we wouldn't have to stand on a hot street in the sun for two hours. But I kept having this crazy thought "If you do the whiteboard, you'll see the guy from the train" I was like "that's way too coincidental! not going to happen" So, we're doing the whiteboard, and there's like no one passing by. There was at least 5 minutes at the start of the whiteboard when we were literally just standing there, looking at each end of the street and not seeing a single person. But I felt like we shouldn't move, so we stayed there and tried to talk to the few people who did pass. Then at one point I turned and I saw
the guy from the train. I smiled at him and said hello, and he smiled and immediately walked over to me. We asked him the question we had on the board and talked to him about the Book of Mormon and the apostasy and the restoration. It was really cool, we gave him a Book of Mormon. We weren't able to set up another meeting, but he's going to read some and call us when he has time.

It was also the 4th of July this week! Woo! Last year I spent the 4th of July in Legnica, and this year on the 4th of July I was in Legnica again. Only last year the weather was much more bearable. 4th of July morning though, as soon as Sister Carlson realised what day it was she immediately started trying to sing the Star Spangled Banner, but she couldn't remember most of the words, so I had to help her, I couldn't even remember all of them but I could remember most of them, which I find funny because it's been over a year since I was even in America, and I remember the anthem better than sis Carlson, and she's only been in Poland for a couple months, lol. She then recited the Pledge of Allegiance, and forgot a lot of the words to that too. And then she insisted on us singing the national anthem together... twice, and the second time she filmed it, lol. As soon as she turned the camera off, after we had sung she smiled and said "Good, now, I am never ever going to watch that"... it was that bad, lol.

That's basically it for the big cool stuff. There were some funny little things that happened during the week though.

Sister Carlson and I passed a group of kids in summer school, going by for a field trip. They all had little red caps on to distinguish them as being part of this school group. As we were walking up to the cross-walk one of the boys in the group surreptitiously slipped his cap off and lined up at the cross-walk with us, trying to escape his group. We wouldn't have even noticed, if one of his friends hadn't run over to him and dragged him back into the group. Lol, he was so disappointed!

We contacted a crazy lady who kept chanting at me, and either tried to bless me, or cast out a demon from me, lol, it was super weird. I tried to end the conversation by just giving her an ulotka, but as soon as she saw her attempts to bless me, or whatever, were unsuccessful she ripped up the ulotka and stormed away. Sis Carlson and I couldn't help but die laughing, it was so bizarre!

I swear there were other funny things that happened this week, but I can't really think of any others. Anyway, this coming week looks pretty great, we'll be going to Legnica a lot again, I really hope it won't be too hot!

Kocham was!

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