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Monday, June 29, 2015

Queen of Wrocław!

This week was transfer week, and if you couldn't guess it from the subject, yes, I'm staying in Wrocław with Sister Calrson! By the end of this transfer I will have spent 5 out of the total 8 transfers in the country, in Wrocław. It's a good thing I like this place :)

This week was pretty fun, and of course kind of stressful while we were anticipating transfer calls. On Monday we had a really funny lesson with Lucyna. It wasn't intended to be funny, but it became funny when sister Carlson pronounced a word so wrong, that it became hilarious, and we couldn't stop laughing for about 2 minutes. Then, just after we had composed ourselves she asked me how to say "have" but I thought she said "half". The word for half is "pół" which sounds exactly like "poo" after I said it sister Carlson looked at me in utter disbelief and said "poo?!" and then we both just lost it again. Lol, it was really funny, even Lucyna was chuckling a little. And, even with all of that it still managed to be a really good lesson.

We went to Legnica two times this week and talked to some really great people. Sister Call came with us and along the way we ran into some of her friends who she had wanted to refer to us and we were able to set up a meeting for this week, it was really cool. I got to pet a few more cats while I was there as well, Legnica is full of cats, and I got to play with the Calls' brand new puppy, Bumi. He is the cutest little puppy in the whole world!

We also had a really cool thing happen while we were in Legnica. We were out tracting at some of the houses we had dropped off letters at. We came up to some of the houses we were planning to tract at and saw a woman putting something away in her car. We weren't really planning to talk to her because we didn't know if she was about to be leaving or if she would be going inside, she was about halfway into her car and we thought it would be kind of awkward. As we were about to pass her to try some different houses first and come back to her's, sister Carlson suddenly found herself talking to the woman (she wasn't planning to say anything but the next thing she new she had said "Dzień dobry, Pani!") It ended up being a great lesson and she was super interested in more scripture and in coming to church. We gave her a book and invited her to come to church in Wrocław. She was really nice and really cool though, her name is Ewa. We weren't able to set up with her for a specific meeting, but we're going to check back this week to remind her of church and see what she has read. I looked back once we had reached the end of the street and I saw her standing outside her car reading the Book of Mormon, it was so cool!

Wednesday was Elder Garcia's birthday so we got him a tie and made him a funny picture collage and went out for Ice Cream, it was tons of fun. And the tie we got him is beautiful, he's already gotten a lot of comments and compliments on it :)

This weekend was the 25th anniversary of the church in Poland so we had a big conference in Warsaw and all the missionaries and a lot of the members came up to see it. It was great, we ate some good food, heard some cool stuff about the history of the church in Poland, and we got to see all the other missionaries in the mission. And you know what that means! I got to see Sister McCleary again! Together in Warsaw. It was so much fun. Bydgoszcz (the city she's in) was like the last city of missionaries to show up, so I was wandering around, looking for her for hours before she finally got there. When she showed up she basically tackled me, lol. I think I'm getting used to being tackled by my former companions, but I'm not sure if that's a good thing or not. Sis SMith has a history of doing it to me, in fact, on Saturday when I noticed that the Gdańsk missioanries had arrived I promptly moved away from the wall because I didn't want Sis Smith to tackle me right through it, lol. The Conference was really good too. There were a lot of good talks, and the choir was pretty good, if I do say so myself... I was in the choir :)

After the conference was over, Sister Carlson and I, and Elders Connelly and Lanterman sat on a cramped, hot train for 6 hours to return to Wrocław :)

And that's basically it for the week. It's the start of another new transfer, my second to last 0.o and I'm really excited :)

Kocham was!

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