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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Feta, The Staple of Life

This week was pretty good, not a whole ton happened. Sister Carlson and I are getting along great. She is so much fun!

On Monday it was Dzień Dziecko, child's day, basically like mothers day or fathers day, but for kids. So I bought myself a present :) and we went to go bowling. But when we arrived there was a surplus of dzieci, meaning that the bowling alley was packed to exploding point with children. SO instead we went and played pool for an hour, until the children cleared out and then we went bowling. It was really fun, and I learned I'm not very good at pool :)

On Tuesday we had a whiteboard with the Elders and we talked to a girl who knew someone who knew one of the Calls in our branch. I'm not sure which, but I think it was probably Cindy. She also turned out to be the nicest Jehovah's Witness I have ever met. She wished us luck and told us that she thinks it's so great that we are learning Polish so we can communicate with the people of Poland in their own language. It was a really nice experience.

On Wednesday Sister Carlson had to go to Warsaw for legal work so I spent the day being baby-sat by the Elders. Then we had English, as usual, and Elder Garcia taught with me, which was a lot of fun because he's from Austria, so I had to correct his English a couple of times and help him with pronunciation along with the students.

This week we worked a lot on advertising for English, they've had a lot of cool things happen with English in Szczecin and we want to do more with English too. So we made up some new more professional looking fliers and posters. It's cool because Sister Carlson is also an artist, so we've been doing a lot of artsy things :)

We also put together and delivered a lot of letters for tracting on Friday. We found this really nice place near our home. It's a gated community, so we have to be kind of shady to get it, but we feel really good about it. We tracted there yesterday and so far didn't get a whole lot of response, but we're going back this week.

That's basically it for the week, I feel like a lot happened, but looking back I can't really remember what it was. I laughed a lot too, but I can't really remember what about, so I only have one funny story this week. We have a Korean family in our branch, the Lees and the dad and the mom both have trouble with Polish, the daughter is pretty good, and the son is fluent. So generally they rely on the son Woohoo (no joke) to translate when they aren't following. Yesterday, president Cieleński called Brother Lee to secretary... something, frankly I missed the calling. At first, when president asked him to stand he didn't know what was happening, so he looked at Woohoo, who told him to stand. then, after he was sustained he sat down and the entire family converged on Woohoo, trying to find out what had just happened, it was really funny because I don't think Brother Lee remembered he was getting a calling and they all looked super confused, lol, I know how they feel :)

Kocham was!

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