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Monday, June 1, 2015

Crazy Week

A LOT happened this week, at least at the end of the week. At first it started out pretty slow and easy and then it snowballed.

At the start of the week we had some cool experiences. A member from North Carolina (I think), Sister Shields, came to town and wanted to see the chapel and take us out to lunch. So we had a fun time with her. Then we had a whiteboard with the Elders and I saw a woman that I swear I saw in my dream the night before. I didn't get a chance to talk to her though, she was on the other side of a huge crowd of people, and she was hurrying to cross the street before the light changed. I'll have to keep my eye out for her.

Then on Wednesday we had an awesome lesson in English. We didn't really expect anyone to come because Ewa and Kasia, our most loyal English students, were going to be at their kids' school for a Mother's Day celebration. So Sister McCleary and I brought Uno cards and planned to play Uno while we waited until about 30 after, and if no one showed up, we'd do something else. However, about 10 minutes in Mateusz, a semi-regular, who's brother is a member in Gdańsk, showed up. So we had the lesson we were planning, which was basically read an article from the Liahona and talk about it. It was so cool though because after he finished the article Mateusz started asking all of these really great questions. It was such a great discussion.

That night, when Sister McCleary and I got home, was when everything started to snowball. I was writing a text to Agnieszka, trying to set up a lesson with her for the coming week, when suddenly I heard the Imperial March coming from my phone. President was calling us. I was too chicken to answer, so I held the phone out the Sister McCleary. As she was talking to him suddenly her eyes got really big (bigger than usual) and she looked totally shocked. Then the next thing she said was "Who will be my companion?" That's right, surprise transfer in the middle of the transfer!

Thursday was mostly spent helping Sister McCleary pack and send packages and do all the things she needed to do in Wrocław before leaving. And on Friday we went to Poznań for zone conference and our last day as companions :(

Now sister McCleary is in Bydgoszcz with sister Woodward and I am training Sister Carlson. It's been pretty crazy and even though it's the middle of the transfer and we only have a month left, it still feels like a whole new transfer.

On top of everything else that happened, the surprise transfer, suddenly being a trainer, having to say goodbye to Sister McCleary and having Zone Conference, Prezydent Cieleński called me on Thursday, and asked me to give a talk. I had so little time to write it I ended up not finishing until an hour and fifteen minutes before church started. It went well though. My Polish has improved to the point that translating it wasn't to difficult at all. The hardest part of the talk was actually writing it.

A funny thing happened while I was giving the talk though. I had written page numbers on the talk so I could easily move from one page to the next. As I finished page 4 though, I looked and couldn't find page 5 anywhere. So I stopped in the middle of my talk and was looking around for a while trying to find it. Asking Sister Carlson if I'd left it was my seat. It was ridiculously embarrassing, and in retrospect totally hilarious. Right around the point when I was ready to just give up and wing it I realised what had happened, stupid past Sister Lillywhite had written the wrong numbers on the pages so they went from 4 to 7... I don't know what I was thinking. I was able to finish the talk just fine though and I think it was pretty good.

That's basically it for the week. Same city, brand new crazy experience. Sister Carlson is pretty great though. She's really funny and bold, which is really good when talking to Polish people :). So, even though this is new and different and I miss Sister McCleary :( I'm sure it will be great.

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