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Monday, June 22, 2015


This week was pretty jam packed with cool, funny, and odd stuff that happened. I'm going to try and write about as much of it as I can :)

Monday Sister Carlson and I had our art P-day. We bought some fun new art supplies, I bought a fancy pencil, and then we just drew stuff all day, it was so much fun, and it put me in an arty mood for the rest of the week, I've been drawing a lot more since.

Tuesday morning I ran my first district meeting, as district leader of both Wrocław and Legnica :) It was a really good meeting, if I do say so myself. We basically just had a discussion on how we can be strengthened by our burdens and how we need to walk by faith. It was cool. After that we had an exchange with Kraków, but Sis Carlson and I lost track of time and didn't end up leaving for the train until a little late. My train was at 16:54, we left our house at 16:33, got on a tram at 16:41, the tram stopped by the Dworzec at 16:51, and I sprinted to my train and made it at 16:53 :) Once I was on the train I turned around to see Sis Carlson catch up to me on the platform, and as the train started preparing to leave the last thing I said to her was "Let's not do that again". New mission goal, I never want to come that close to missing a train ever again, it was awful. I told the office elders I might not make it, so they were all freaking out. They called once I was on the train and when I told them I'd made it Elder Wilcox was like "OK everyone, she made it, crisis averted!" And I could hear cheering and other voices in the background, it sounded like I'd just managed to launch into space, lol.

On the train to Kraków I decided to draw some more. Some ladies came into my compartment at one point and saw my drawings, they were like "Och! Ładnie!" (oh! Pretty!) They were funny babci. They talked to me about me drawings a bit, and asked why I was here, so I told them I was a missionary, and then they started talking about how I shouldn't have to travel alone. They only rode with me for about 1 stop but they were really funny.

When I got into Kraków I was greeted by Sis Allowitz and the Senior couple, the Daltons. They got us food and we had a fun talk about the sketchyness of subway's tuna, lol. Then they drove us home. The Daltons are really nice and really funny. On the way out to their car we were wandering around for a while, following Elder Dalton, looking for the car, for about 10 minutes. Every once in a while Sister Dalton would call out something like "Maybe it's over there, did you check that spot?" After about 8 minutes I realised that she was kind of laughing to herself, she totally knew exactly where the car was, she was just messing with Elder Dalton, lol. Once we got into the car we were on our way out of the parking lot and Elder Dalton said "I'm not sure how to get to your house from here, but don't worry, we have a GPS that doesn't work, we'll find it!" Lol, it was so funny.

Wednesday was tons of fun, I had a great time with Sis Allowitz, she is straight up hilarious. Sister Holden has this really funny calender on her desk, it has all of these pictures of Jesus that are just kind of weird. Sis Allowitz and I couldn't help but laugh at some of then, and at one point we were messing around with the "magic frame" function on my camera and we took several really funny pictures of the camera using the magic frame. We also decided to try tying a shoe with our feet and we both got it... I'm not sure how we got onto the subject of tying shoes with feet, but we did, and it happened...

For English that day we decided to play catchphrase, and it was the best. In Catchphrase you have a word that you have to describe without using the word or the other words listed on the card, and the others have to guess. The class got really into it and it was really funny, especially because sister Allowitz kept laughing and everytime she did I would start cracking up. The first word was "Cereal" the guy who got the word started with "So, when you eat breakfast" and the guy next to him immediately guessed "An egg!" And then sister Allowitz just lost it, and i in turn busted out laughing. While we were dying the rest of the class kept throwing out guesses, before he'd even managed to say anything. People were throwing out various things they eat for breakfast and then one of the guys, Paweł said "I don't, usually". It was basically like that the whole time and Sis Allowitz and I could not control ourselves. At one point Sylwia, a recent convert in Kraków got a word that she didn't understand, so she consulted with Elder Everett for a minute, then turned to say something, but before she even said a word the class was throwing out guesses left and right. We were beside ourselves with laughter.

At the beginning of the class Elder Ahlander had me introduce myself. So I did, and the class asked what my hobbies are, so I told them that I draw. Well, after class one of the church members that came to the class came up to me and told me that he's a professor of art and he asked to see my drawings. Thankfully, because of art p-day, and because sis Carlson suggested I draw on the train, I had been sure to bring two of my sketchpads. It was really cool, He really liked my drawings and was saying that it was too bad that the semester just ended or he'd invite me to come draw in his class (There's also the problem of me currently being a missionary, and that I'm not serving in Kraków, but it was really cool).

On Thursday I had a fun morning with Sister Allowitz, we just talked and laughed a ton all the way until I got onto my train. I then spent several hours on a train before getting in to Wrocłąw to see my baby Carrot still alive after being babysat by the elders all day. Oh, I forgot to explain, Sis Carrot is Sis Carlson. Elder Garcia couldn't pronounce her name at first for some reason so he called her Sis Carrot and it's kind of caught on.

Friday was downright the funniest most jam packed day of the week! It all started during Comp study, sis Carlson and I were talking about what we'd studied in personal study when suddenly we both stopped and realised we both felt weird. It was like we were feeling the spirit, but we didn't know why. Suddenly Sis Carlson said "We need to leave the apartment!" We had no idea why, but we just gathered the things we'd need for the day, dropped everything and left. We Joked that the apartment was going to blow up or that a serial killer was going to come by our house. We still don't know what that was about but we decided to just roll with it and not question it.

We were planning to go to Legnica and we had to get some things from the chapel first so we dropped by there. We then went out to the tram-stop near there. As we started walking down the street toward the tram stop we suddenly heard a loud squeal. We looked forward to see a Yorkie rolling around on the sidewalk in front of a nicely dressed couple. Sis Carlson and I though the poor thing was having a seizure, but then we noticed the couple and all the other people around them were looking up. The poor little dog had flown out of the window. It looked like he broke a leg, but mostly he was OK, and the nicely dressed couple and several babci quickly ran to help him. It was really upsetting, but I'll admit, it became just a little bit funny when our tram arrived and one of the babci walked to the tram and as she passed us she turned had shouted "Wylecie z okna!" (He flew out the window!) Just the way she said it was really funny. The little Yorkie was in good hands though, he had a whole bunch of people to help him. It was really sad at crazy though. I don't know how he managed to fly out the window, but I've seen people lifting their dogs up to windows to see out of them and I've always though, someday someone's going to drop their dog and it's going to be really sad.

We had a lot of funny things happen once we got to Legnica. We were there for about 10 minutes and all of a sudden it started to rain, so we decided to drop off letters for tracting. I saw tons of cats too and we had lots of things happen that made us die laughing. Probably the best thing was toward the end of the day and we were walking back to the dworzec. I had just told Sister Carlson how the word for luck is "fart"... no joke... We were walking through the rynek-ish area when we saw the cutest little girl come running up to us. We both smiled really big at her and sister Carlson said "Cześć!" The girl got so excited and shocked that she dropped the sucker she was holding. It hit the ground and straight up shattered. Her parents were like oh no! and we were both like shoot! And so we swerved around then and started quick walking away, trying not to laugh when we pass this man talking to he son and all we hear him say is "fart, FART!" Rolling his r like crazy, we straight up died! We couldn't even contain ourselves. We were laughing so hard we were weaving like drunken Larries! It was so funny!

I can't even describe all the funny/crazy things that happened on Friday, there were so many and I just don't have the time! I'm sorry, but basically the whole day was about as ridiculous and funny as that last story. Straight up, frenzying pigeons, I tripped and almost ate it hard, a larry in bootyshorts emerged from a bush like a character from a commercial for breakfast cereal, gangs of roving 12 year olds, a cake with Mr. Bean's driver's license on it, seriously tons of cats, it... was... AWESOME!

Saturday Sister Blake was visiting with her brother and her mom, so we met up with them and went contacting for a while, then we went and got lunch. It was a lot of fun. Sister Blake's mom knows Dad too, apparently they met at BYU, so that was really cool. After that we went to Legnica again, but this time for a BAPTISM! Samuel Zań the oldest Zań boy got baptised this week, and it was beautiful! The baptism happened at a lake too, which was awesome, I got to check off "See someone baptised in a lake/river" from my mission bucket list. It was freezing cold though too, Samuel was freaking out. After his dad dunked him he burst out of the water and was freaking out, and then immediately leapt forward and started swimming away, it was so funny!

Then that night when we got back to Wrocław Sister Carlson and I met up with Sister Whiteley on the rynek! It was awesome, and really strange to see her in normal street clothes. We got food and BLT and Flatbreads, and talked for a while, it was really cool!

On Sunday Sister Whiteley gave me the package you guys sent with her. First thing I did was pull the card out in the middle of sacrament meeting. I saw the picture on the front, of Becky carrying the cross in Drop Dead Gorgeous, and I died laughing. Thank you guys so much for the awesome package. I already used some of the vanilla and brown sugar to make some of my "Hot Dang cookies". Sister Whiteley added a little bottle of Maple syrup too, so I'm really excited to make french toast or waffles sometime soon.

Well, that's basically all I have time to write about for this week. Dang, a lot happened, it was a really great week.

Also, I made my planner cover finally, it perfectly describes the transfer, with the back beign the Sis McCleary half, and the front being the Sis Carlson half. Sis Carlson Hates it 

Kocham was wszystkich!

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