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Monday, June 15, 2015

District leader of Legnica

OK, before I start this email, I should probably explain the subject of my last email, "Fetta, the Staple of Life" because I forgot to last week. It's because I've literally been living off of Fetta cheese for like the last 2 weeks. It's so dang good, and not at all expensive!

This week was pretty crazy. On Monday night Prezydent Edgrin called us and told us he wants us spending more time in Legnica. Legnica is a city about 45 minutes from Wrocław and it's where about half the members in Wrocław live. They really want to open a branch there, but they needed more members, so Prezydent wants us to start working there so we can see what its like and he can decided if he can go ahead and open the city or if it needs more time. What's pretty cool about it, and the reason why I named the email "District Leader of Legnica" is because It's just me and Sister Carlson working out there.

Prezydent is actually thinking he might want to open the city for Sisters first because most of the members who would be helping with the missionary work there are women. So I am officially, unofficially the district leader of Legnica :) I even said that to Prezydent and he didn't say I wasn't, I count that as a sign of agreement ;)

So, a lot of the week was spent making plans and preparing to go to Legnica to do a whole lot of contacting! We went there on Friday and Saturday and it went really well. Legnica is a beautiful city too. It has a massive park right in the middle of town. It's not so small that we'll see the whole city within a few days and get sick of it, but it's not so big that we can't walk the length of it is a single day (which we basically did on Friday).

Also, I got to pet a cat which was amazing! I've seen so few cats on my mission and it's super frustrating! There were some other cool things that happened this week. We had some good lessons. One of them was with Agnieszka, one of the less active members here. I kind of threw Sister Carlson into the deep end with that one, heh heh. I told her she was going to take the lead on the lesson, and then I let her teach almost the whole thing by herself. It was really good though. I made comments, and I helped her when she didn't know a word, and Agnieszka helped her too. But I wanted to give her a chance to really practice her polish, because she doesn't always get a chance to when we're talking to someone on the street.

Wednesday was my year in the country mark! Me and Sister Carlson celebrated be going to BLT and Flatbreads! Because how else would I celebrate!? lol. It was a really fun day, Sister Carlson and I laughed a lot.

On Saturday after we got back from Legnica we managed to get into our house just before the skies opened up and started dumping rain everywhere. It was crazy, the streets were basically flooding. So, we decided to stand out of the balcony and watch it rain for a while. it was really cool, and the balcony didn't flood enough to get into the house, which was good :)

That's basically it for this week. Today Sister Carlson and I are going to have an art p-day. We're just going to draw the whole day, I'm super excited.

Kocham was wszystkich!

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