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Monday, July 27, 2015

The Day Sister Carlson Wore a Nightgown Proselyting

I found a fireball in my backpack... it's really yummy 😂

This week was pretty crazy, we had zone training, and an exchange and it was packed with tons of funny stories, I think the best way to do this, would be to first talk about the exchange and zone training, then explain the subject of this email, and then just write all the random funny things that happened.

First of all, We had a bit of a different Exchange this time, Sister Holden and Sister Herrera both came down with the Zone leaders, Elders Garcia and Summers. and they all stayed in Wrocław for two days to have big old awkward exchanges with all of us, it was great!

I was with Sister Holden both days which was really cool cuz it's the first time that we've done missionary work together since the MTC. We reminisced and talked about how much time we have left and how fast the transfers are slipping by and all that. It was tons of fun! On Thursday we had Zone training, then all went out for food at a milk bar, followed by ice cream because Elder Garcia was here and Sister Carlson owed him ice cream. Then we went to Legnica, all four of us sisters. We did some tracting then had an English lesson with one of sister Call's friends in Legnica. Her name is Elżbieta Kot and her son is a well known Polish Actor, Tomasz Kot. She's really nice and she bought us ice cream during the lesson, so we ended up having a ton of ice cream that day. Also, the lesson was on telling time, which was fun because it gave us a use for the broken clock we have in our house, and Elżbieta thought it was funny when I pulled a whole clock out of my backpack.

Then, just before we were about to leave Legnica, Sis Carlson saw a striped nightgown hanging in the window of a travel shop. She just had to try it on, and then, she just had to buy it... and then, the next day, she just had to wear it. That day was interesting. Earlier that week we had set up with a former and on Friday we met with her... it was interesting. She talked... a... lot... Our lesson went about an hour and a half, and thirty straight minutes of that were just her talking... about Russia... Sis Carlson timed it. And every time I'd try to say something she'd quickly say that she was going to answer the question that I barely even remembered asking, and then go back to talking about politics, it was the worst. I think I shut down for about 20 minutes, because I don't even remember most of it, I just remember praying in my head begging for help because I had no idea what she was saying and I didn't know how to bring it back to the gospel tactfully, and I didn't know how to get her to stop! And then, it was like the spirit was saying to me "You know how in PMG it says not to interrupt investigators? Yeah, throw that out the window, interrupt her, interrupt her hard, or this will never end!" So I just started interrupting her every time she started to get on tangents. I forced her to stay focused and answer my questions and I feel like we actually got somewhere with it.

It was so funny though, sis Carlson was loosing her mind during the lesson. She could not handle how much this woman talked. The Woman brought her nephew with her, he was probably about 9, and he sat more reverently than my 20 year old companion, it was so funny. At one point I felt impressed that I should get Sis Carlson to share her experience of how she came to know that the church was true. When I turned to her, her hair was all disheveled and she looked absolutely crazy, and the best part was, when she spoke, the Polish was basically broken in her brain, she hardly cased or conjugated anything, she started her testimony like this:

Carrot - "Młoda dziewczyna... jestem (Young girl... I am) *looks at me in confusion
me - "Była (she was) *I meant to say byłam (I was), but my voice cracked
Carrot - "Była!" (she was)

After she said that I was like, "ah crap, it doesn't even sound like she's talking about herself... Even so, her crappily cased testimony brought the spirit hard, and The lady didn't try to interrupt her. After she was finished bearing her testimony she closed in the name of Jesus Christ and smiled at me like, "we're done now, right" but unfortunately I felt like there were other things I needed to say to her and other questions I needed to ask her, so the lesson went on for a bit longer. When we got out of it though sis Carlson immediately collapsed on the floor in the family history office. It was really funny.

As for the funny stuff that happened throughout the week...

On Tuesday we went to do a whiteboard with the elders in a park, but when we got to the park we found it was not a good park for whiteboards. so we wandered towards skytower looking for a different place, and ended up taking opposite sides of the street and contacting to skytower where we would buy drinks, because it was blazing hot. At one point it was so hot that Sis Carlson just had to take her hair out of the braid it was in and switch to a bun on her head. After it was up she turned to me and said "DO I look Asian with my hair like this?" I just looked at her and said, very seriously "You look so Asian right now, I can't even be seen with you!" It was so funny. And it was only made funnier the next day when I recounted that story to sister Holden and as soon as I quoted what I had said to sis Carlson we walked past a family of Asians, I don't think they understood me... at least, I really hope they didn't.

On Tuesday, after we had gotten drinks at skytower, the Elders decided to eat dinner there, but we had to go get some stuff at the chapel. The elders were under the impression that we were going to be getting dinner as a district though, so when they stepped onto an escalator and we said "Hey, we're gonna bounce now" they both looked super confused, and we ran away laughing. Then, after we had gotten our stuff at the chapel and made some calls, we were leaving the chapel and singing the rock version of "A Child's Prayer" that Dad sent me, in the hallway outside of the chapel, at the top of our lungs. We got in the elevator and were still singing. Then just as sis Carlson was about to really belt, the elevator doors opened and the elders were on the other side. Our song quickly and awkwardly died in our throats and the elders got in the elevator, and for some reason, we didn't get off. Then just as the doors were shutting, one of the guards squeezed his way into the elevator. We all rode together to the 2nd floor, all got off the elevator, and then sis Carlson and I awkwardly turned and got back onto the elevator. Then, just as the doors were closing again, the guard squeezed in again, and then proceeded to tell sis Carlson how much hair she had, and that he could just chop off the bun on top of her head and it would all be gone. It was all so bizarre!

That day we also walked by the most random, funny scene. There were some workers doing some kind of construction work on one of the streets. And at one spot there were three of them gathered around this one guy who was working, while the others watched him work, and one of the guys randomly had this massive ice cream cone, It was so funny. All four of us saw him and then just died laughing.

then, on Wednesday, we had a whiteboard and  it was so hot outside, when we came to the chapel for English we were all dripping with sweat, and we smelled awful (because the deodorant here doesn't work unless it's Old Spice odor blocker). After English, Sis Carlson, Sis Herrera and Elders Lanterman and Summers were staying after to help one of the students who wants extra English classes. Sis Carlson was in the hall with me and Sis Holden and the others were all in the room, starting the lesson. Sis Carlson had been looking for some kind of air freshener that we could spray ourselves with (yes, we smelled that bad) she found some kind of "Dragon Lilly" scented febreeze type of thing, and handed it to me and then someone called to her from the room, she looked in to respond and I don't know why, but I just pointed the air freshener can at her and sprayed it. A stream of the stuff shot out and hit her straight in the neck. She fell comically back and sister Holden and I just dropped laughing. Inside the room, sis Herrera had witnessed it all and she just busted out laughing, it was so funny!

Two tiny funny tid-bits before I end this puppy so we can get some food!

We went to Biedronka this week for lunch (it's a grocery store, basically like fresh market, which is a store here too, but it's a convenient store) The thing about poles is whenever you pay they want you to give them as exact change as possible, so a lot of the time if you hand them a bill, they'll ask if you have some grosz (cents) or złoty (larger coins). I payed for my food with a 50 and the lady asked me if I had 65 grosz, I did not, she asked if I had 5 grosz, I did... then she asked me if I had a zlot, I did not... then she got annoyed and gave me 19 zlots in coins... My wallet is so heavy now.

The other funny thing, we have sung the same 4 hymns in church for 3 weeks in a row... we just keep forgetting to change them...

That's it for my week!

Kocham was!


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