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Monday, August 3, 2015

Is That Chocolate I see in the Sacrament Bread?

Good news! We remembered to change the hymns this week, so for the first time is 3 weeks we didn't sing "Duch Boży Jak Płomień Najświętszy" (The Spirit of God). However, no one remembered to bring bread for the sacrament, but, luckily, a week earlier, as a fun service project for the branch we (the Sisters and the Elders) made a ton of chocolate-chip zucchini bread and brought it to the members and less actives, and there was still some left in the freezer. So for the sacrament yesterday we had chocolate chip zucchini bread. It was hilarious, and super yummy. It was made even funnier too when Sister Zań got up to bear her testimony and started by talking about how after fasting, the sacrament bread tasted like the manna in the desert.

This week was a little scattered but there were a lot of really cool and funny things that happened so I'm just going to basically list them.

We had another lesson with the woman from last week who talked so much that sister Carlson almost lost her mind. This time it went much better, we were able to keep her from going into politics, and keep her from yarning too much. We taught her a first, which she's already had, but the last time she met with missionaries it was with Sister Wood and Sister Whiteley, so it's been a while, and we figured she could use a re-fresher. It went really well, and she wants to keep meeting with us, but shes going out of town for all of August, so, I guess we'll see what happens in future. There was a moment near the end though where it almost looked like she was going to answer our question for a half hour and sis Carlson started to get restless in her chair, ha ha, she can't handle it when people talk too much.

On Wednesday we were riding the tram to the chapel and saw a group of three friends, one girl and two guys. The girl had slightly curly brown hair and she was clearly dating one of the guys. He had red hair and was very tall. And the other guy was thin with black hair and glasses... Yep, we saw Harry, Ron and Hermione! And the best part about it, Ron was actually British... and he was really good looking, which was a bonus! It was hilarious, sis Carlson and I couldn't stop staring at them. And What made it even better was that later that day, as we were getting on our tram to go home we looked back onto the platform and saw... THE WIZARD! If you don't remember the wizard, I talked about him a few weeks ago, he rode back from Legnica with us and was watching old episodes of doctor who and some other strange show. This is the third time we've seen him, and we managed to get a picture of him!

​That's me with the wizard, he's the one in the Tux... not the lady in the flowered top... And he has a BOWTIE!

What was also cool was that we showed the picture to the Elders and Elder Connelly is about 90% sure he has talked to the wizard! It's so cool!

Wednesday afternoon we dropped off letters for tracting at a new place we found. It's got lots of cute domki (houses) and tons of cats, and it's really nice. However, it has tons of bees and butterflies as well, two things that sister Carlson hates. There were multiple times while dropping off letters, and while tracting two days later, when sis Carlson would suddenly start freaking out because a bee or a butterfly was following her. One house had a bunch of bushes so infested with bees that Sis Carlson wouldn't even go near it, and I had to run up to the mail box, drop the letter in, and run away as fast as I could. There were also a lot of spiderwebs stretched across peoples' walkways. So as we made our way up to the door to tract, Sis Carlson was waving her arm straight out in front of her, trying to catch any spiderwebs before they caught her in the face, but mostly it just made it look like she was chanting, it was so funny.

Wednesday was pretty packed with crazy stuff, we also saw a hilariously crazy old Babcia sitting on a bench next to a Larry. The Babcia was holding her arm out to the Larry and making a motion like she was sprinkling salt on her hand, then she would stop and lick her hand, then go back to sprinkling salt on it. What made it extra funny was that the Larry was leaning away from her and looking at her from the corner of his eye, totally freaked out by her. Then she stood up abruptly, followed some people to the bank nearby and stood outside it waiting for them. Then, she suddenly rushed away, toward the crosswalk and started shepherding people, who were already standing about 5 feet from the street, away from the cars in the street. It was so funny, and the whole time the Larry on the bench was looking at her like "What's her deal!?"

Thursday was Zone Conference, it was really good. It was in Kraków though, so we had to get up early to take a bus there. Sis Carlson and I forgot to bring breakfast for the bus ride, but the Elders had remembered. Both of them brought jars of Nutella, and Elder Lanterman brought pretzels. We bummed some pretzels off of Elder Lanterman, and then Elder Connelly gave us the last fourth of his jar of Nutella. After Sis Carlson ate all that sugar, she hit a crazy sugar high and was freaking out for the rest of the ride to Kraków. It was so funny, There were moments where I half expected her to climb out the window in the ceiling above us and try to car-surf.

Totally random but funny thing that happened at Zone Conference. Sister Dalton, One of the senior missionaries in Kraków, bought a Watermelon to serve to us for lunch at Zone Conference, but when she cut it open instead of being Red inside, it was bright Yellow... We don't know why, and it still tasted like regular watermelon, but it was Yellow.

When we tracted that area with all the bees and butterflies we had a pretty funny thing happen.We stopped at this one house which was clearly owned by Catholics, because they had the blessing written above the door frame. We were hopeful anyway, and when we had dropped off letters two days before I had actually seen the woman who lived there come out and get the letter from her mailbox. However, when she came to the door, she opened it and shut it in one swift movement, it was hilarious. As she opened she said "Dzień dobry" (Good Morning) and then saw us, recognition hit, and she quickly changed the direction of her door and said "Do widzenia" (Goodbye).

Saturday we went to Legnica. We dropped off letters to go tracting there too and had an incredibly awkward moment. We reached this one house, that didn't appear to have a mailbox, so Sis Carlson decided to go put it on the person's doorstep. She was creeping up the steps and was just leaning down to drop off the letter when a woman flung the door open and asked her what she was doing. Sis Carlson did not know how to respond. I rushed to help her, but even I felt so caught off guard and awkward that I didn't know how to explain what we were doing. The whole thing ending with the lady not taking our letter and us walking away laughing in the awkward, it was so much.

On the train ride home from Legnica we were all a little slap happy. We had the Elders with us and we were laughing and making jokes and just felt like dorks. At one point we pulled up to a stop and I looked out to see about 6 young boys sitting on the platform. One of them looked at me and made a face, and I, by instinct, made a weird face back. The kid and I and all his friends just immediately lost control and we all died laughing. I think the kid was just super shocked that I had made a face back at him, and I was a little surprised too, it was so funny. We then continued to make faces at each other until the train left the station about a minute later.

It was the anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising on Saturday. I've heard that in Warsaw everyone stops no one moves for like a solid minute. It was not so much like that in Legnica. At first we didn't even realise what it was. Suddenly we heard a loud siren, like a bomb raid, going off in the streets. We realised what was happening after a few seconds and so we stopped moving, but it was basically us and an old guy who stopped, everyone else kept walking around. So we felt more patriotic than the actual Polish people around us, but yeah, it was pretty cool.

We had lots of people in church this week, lots of visitors. Sister Edgren and her granddaughter. Sister Smithee, who served here two years ago, and her husband, and three ladies and a guy from France. We also had the Daltons visiting from Kraków. So our chapel was pretty packed and we had a good amount of volume for the hymns which we haven't really had for a couple of weeks.

And, last story for the week, we saw a guy stumbling around the Tram platform, so drunk, that he tried to sit in mid air, and almost fell, then almost got hit by a tram, literally, he was falling backwards onto the tracks as it passed, I don't know how he didn't get hit. Then he eventually found his way to a bench and passed out while trying to read a coupon for Costa Coffee... and people wonder why I don't drink...

Well, that's basically it for this week, on to the next! We are going to the zoo today for p-day. The zoo is celebrating it's 150th anniversary. I'm so excited! MONKEYS!!!!!

Kocham was!

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