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Monday, August 10, 2015

Klingon Face

The name of this email is "Klingon Face" because on Wednesday morning I found a zit on the bridge of my nose, directly between my eyes. It bugged me, so I tried popping it, but it was too deep, so I just had to deal with it. As the day went on it continued to bug me, and slowly got bigger. By the end of the day, I could actually kind of see the bump on my nose from the corner of my eye. It continued to bug me all night and I tried to get rid of it some more, but to no avail... The next morning, I looked in the mirror and it was so swollen it had actually changed the shape of my face. I looked like a rubber-forehead alien. My eyes were farther apart and my forehead changed smoothly to nose, it was ridiculous... The day after that it was, if possible, even bigger, and my right eye was so swollen I could see my lower lid. Sis Carlson kept joking that we were going to have to go to Warsaw for it... Thankfully it's been slowly getting better. I never managed to pop it, and it's still kind of there, an odd bump on my nose, but I look like me again. Truth be told I reminded myself more of a Bajoran, but I thought Bajoran Face sounded kind of lame...

So, this week there were lots more funny/cool things that happened.

We went to the zoo! It was so much fun, it was blazing hot though, by the end of it we were practically running to the nearest żabka for some water. We got to see tons of fish, and hippos and lions and a whole family of Lynx's which was super cute. Unfortunately I didn't realise until after we had left that we barely even saw any monkeys! We mean to go see then, but we had trouble finding them, and eventually forgot. I did get to see a couple lounging around though, and we saw lemurs, which are close. It was cool though.

On Tuesday Sis Malinowska had invited all us missionaries over to her house for dinner. She fed us so much! Gołąbki, potatoes, gulasz, some kind of carrot dish, and then for desert, watermelon, and ice cream. It was all really yummy. Elder Lanterman struggled though, he doesn't eat very much so he wasn't able to finish his food. He didn't even come close, sis Carlson and I put him to shame with how much we ate. It was so funny though because sis Carlson hates Carrots, and part of the meal was basically just carrots with some pineapple and almonds in it. Every time sis Carlson would finish the carrots on her plate (just wanting to get rid of them) Sis Malinowska would come by and heap more spoon-fulls of carrots on her plate, it was so funny! We were all so full by the time she brought us ice cream, we weren't even sure we wanted any. But then, we tasted it, Creme Brulee ice cream, hot dang! It was so good, we all had an appetite again, even Elder Lanterman. She brought out a liter of ice cream, and we ate the whole thing! It was so much...

We went tracting in Legnica on Thursday, and we came to one door where the lady said she had guests, but she invited us to come backon Saturday. We were hopeful, but we didn't have our hopes too high because people tell us to come back a lot of the time, and then when we do they often tell us they're not interested. But we went back and she was there, and she invited us around to the back of her house and we had a lesson. It went so well! Her name was Maria, we gave her a book and taught her a first. At first I think she was a little worried that we were just going to argue with her and try to convince her and stuff, but I told her outright "We aren't here to try and convince anyone, we are just here to invite people to read this book, and take it to God, ask him if what we're saying is true". She said she'd pray about it, and that if she felt like God was telling her to go down a specific path, she would go there. We invited her to church in Legnica and we're hopeful that she will come, it was really cool though.

We had a really funny thing happen while tracting. Sis Carlson was at the door of this house, and I had been shutting the gate (it was a domek so it was a small home with a gate and a little yard). Sis Carlson asks "What does this say?" I look and her finger is hovering above the doorbell, and there's a note there that says something to the effect of, "don't ring the doorbell, please knock". So I'm reading this, and just as I'm about to tell Sis Carlson not to ring the doorbell, she (still looking at me, with her finger over the ringer) just presses the button. The doorbell rang and it was loud! And it was dying slightly, so the sound was super creepy. As the doorbell was giving its accursed wail, I managed to say "No! It said not to ring it!" Sis Carlson got the most horrified expression on her face (exactly like this - 😲)and then just started running. I was like "Are we really doing this?" And then she was outtie, running down the street. So naturally I ran too. We each booked it down opposite sides of the street and didn't stop until we were far enough from the house that if they looked out, they wouldn't see us... it was ridiculous! That's right, we ding dong ditched a place!

I had another talk this week. I've given more talks on my mission in Wrocław than at any other time in my life. I threw this one together really fast, and mostly ended up reading stuff from a talk and from the scriptures, I basically brought the entire gospel library with me up to the pulpit. It went really well though, and this time I didn't forget a page.

You know what's really nice, when someone approaches us and they don't say "you guys are Jehovah's witnesses, right?" Yesterday while we were tracting we were approached by a guy who actually said "You guys are Mormons, right?" It was cool. He studies religion and asked if he could get a copy of the D&C and Pearl of Great Price in Polish, because he has it in English but thinks it would be easier to really understand it in Polish, so we're bringing him that tonight. Pretty cool, pretty cool.

Random funny moment. Sis Carlson was going to eat an egg salad sandwich for lunch, so she went through all the trouble of getting it ready. Then, just as she finished peeling off the last bit of the shell she stopped, looked at the egg, then looked at me and said "I don't want this..." So I ate it... It was ridiculous.

There was some kind of anime convention going on, so there were people walking around in full costumes all over the place, and there were Bronies, meaning guys who like My Little Pony, more than any human being should. We saw many a guy dressed like ponies with oddly coloured hair and tails... it was strange...

I've basically been living off of frosting this whole week. I bought this chocolate spread at the beginning of the week, and I sometimes put it on pretzels or cookies, but mostly I've just been eating it straight out of the container. It's so good, but every time I do it I picture Goldie Hawn in Death Becomes her and I get a little freaked out...

Also, it has reached un-freaking-believable levels of hot here. I can't even accurately describe how uncomfortable it is all...the...time! And because of that, every time we go tracting we generally see a lot of people ranging from kind of naked, to super naked... people just answer the door with no clothes on! It baffles me!

And, last, but certainly not least, the Wizard's name is....


The Elders contacted him! He's an opera singer from England and he already has a book of Mormon and has prayed about it, but hasn't really felt like he's gotten an answer yet. He super cool though, and sis Carlson and I were really happy to be able to find out his name... We still think he's a wizard though.

That's basically it for this week. Kocham was!

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