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Monday, August 31, 2015

Dogs + Tracting = Zero Fun

There was this one night, in my third transfer, with sister King, when she really wanted to go out tracting. And she specifically wanted to go tracting at these really fancy buildings behind the huge Silesian City Center mall. We went there, and quickly found that the buildings had a wall around them, a really tall wall, at least like 20 feet tall. So we walked around and eventually found a gate, with a security guard. We tried to get in, but the guy wouldn't let us. We tried talking to him about the gospel, but he basically told us to get lost 😔 so we had to turn around and leave, and never got to tract those buildings... Well, now we live there! Haha! What makes it extra funny to me is that the sisters told me that when they first went there to check out the apartment, the security guards wouldn't let them in because they thought they were coming there to tract, so the had to call the landlord.

This week was pretty awesome. It's been a little sucky in two ways though, 1 - the weather cannot decide what it wants to be like! I just want it to be fall already, and some days it does too, but then it switches abruptly and gets stupid hot later in the day and I just don't know what to do about it. 2 - We can't buy our monthly bus passes until tomorrow because Kato's transportation system is stupid and if we buy it now it would still be 150 zlots and would only be useful until tomorrow... so we've been having to walk everywhere and now that we live behind the Mall we live far away from everywhere...

Other that that everything has been great. Last week after emailing we went to a great house in a tiny village. It was crazy, there were billions and billions of antlers all over the walls, the decorations were really pretty too. Elder Summers and I kept commenting that we felt like we were wandering around in a level from a video game. It was so cool. And they gave us these dumb booties to wear over our shoes, but they were super fun because they made us slide on the floors, so we were basically ice skating all over the house.

I got to see my old Kato English class again. A lot of the same people were there, unfortunately Wacek wasn't there. I've been told he still comes regularly, but he couldn't make it this week. Sad 😢

Thursday we had a district finding activity. We set up a free table with lots of books and pamphlets. It was really good. We had the banners with it though, and they will turn into a sail with the slightest bit of wind, so we had to have the people at the table holding the banners still. One of the times when I was holding the banner next the the table. Elder Park came over to tell me what he'd learned from asking a Pole a language question we had, when an old, possibly drunk guy came up to the table. He was talking to Elder Park asking him about the stuff on the table. So Elder Park picked up one of the Book of Mormons and was just about to talk about it when the man said "nie!" and slowly pushed the book back down onto the table. He then kept asking Elder Park questions, all of which could be answered by the Book of Mormon. So Elder Park kept picking it up again, only to have the guy push it down. It was so funny, after a while Elder Park just kept picking up the book simply because he knew the guy would push it down again, he just liked messing with him. The guy did end up taking a pamphlet though, and even though he wouldn't even let Elder Park hold the Book of Mormon, he was still pretty courteous.

Some time since I left Kato the YSA room has managed to acquire several more crazy puzzles. 1500 piece puzzles that look so fun! So we borrowed one, warmed ourselves up by doing my 100 piece princess puzzle first, and then started on the beast. The picture is of a yellow Lamborghini speeding down a street. It's awesome, I did the entire car first, it's massive, we expect the whole puzzle with probably cover our kitchen table.

On Saturday we had sport Saturday. We played soccer, so I was able to try an improve what little soccer skills I have. We got two teenage boys who were sharing the field with us to play too. They were insanely good. One of the boys could have probably beaten us all by himself. I've found that when I play soccer, or futbal, I do best when I decide to just sacrifice my body for the game, so there were multiple times when I just charged people and tried to kick the ball out from under them. Thankfully, because of kung fu, my shins don't bruise easily.

That night, after playing soccer, we went to drop off a ton of tracting letters. 200 to be precise. And at domki, which meant that we were doing a lot of walking all over little neighborhoods with cobblestone streets and dogs, everywhere. I love dogs... but not when I'm tracting, then they are the worst. So many times we'd be walking toward a house, ready to drop the letter in their letter box and we'd heard a deep, loud, bark... that's always the best sound when tracting, because then you know that it will quickly be followed by a solid 5 minutes of barking... dogs man... We did see one Yorkie though that was just the cutest, sweetest little thing in the whole world. It didn't bark at all, it was just excited to see us, so we got to pet him. He was so little he could have easily slipped through the bars in the fence, but he was well trained enough that he didn't.

After we were done tracting, our legs were sore from soccer, and our feet were sore from walking. And we got to the bus stop, only to find that we had been wrong about the bus schedule, and that instead of there being a bus at 20:30, like we though, which would get us to our house only a few minutes late, there wasn't going to be a bus until 21:30... and we were way to far from home and sore to even consider walking. We had to call the elders and get them to go to the chapel and use Google maps to help us get to a different bus stop, because we were far enough away from kato that our maps didn't have that area on it. It was a crazy adventure, but we managed to find our way home by around 21:25, only 25 minutes late. It was kind of fun though, while we waited for the elders to get to the chapel, sis Allowitz and I played Uno at the bus stop. Such a great game, uno, I never leave the house without it 😉

Yesterday was Sunday, so I got to see all the members again. A lot of them remembered me, which was cool because I didn't really talk much last time I was here so I didn't really think I'd made an impression on any of them. It was fun too because Prez Urban didn't make Elder Garret or I get up and say anything in sacrament meeting, because we have both served here before, but he did make sis Allowitz say something, haha! Dodged a bullet!

That's basically it for this week, hot dang how the time flies!

Kocham was!

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