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Monday, January 19, 2015

Mormoni, W Bytomiu

This week was super fun, we had Łukaś, a recent convert from Karków, here on a mini mission with Elders Weggersen and Budick. Łukaś is an awesome missionary, and he's really funny.

This week was the week of innovative finding activities! We planned out a bunch of cool ideas for out of the box finding activities, and put a few into action. This biggest one was shoe shining! We decided to have a big district finding activity and shine shoes for free. We went to Bytom, a city about a half an hour from Katowice, by bus, (because we are also trying to spread out away from the chapel) to do it. And it went really well, we got some good contacts from it and people really liked it.

There was one really cute moment, when two little boys came up to Elder Taylor and the older one asked if he could shine the younger boy's shoes. His shoes were not the kind of shoes that needed shining, but Elder Taylor told him he'd clean his shoes for him. So the little boy, all excited, sat down on the chair and Elder Taylor cleaned all the dirt off the boy's shoes. He was really happy, and it was adorable :)

Sister Smith also talked to a woman who was unfortunately at work, so she didn't have time to talk much, but she was really interested, and told us to go into the art gallery where she worked and get her email from the people there so we could contact her. So while getting her email we got to visit an art gallery for a minute, it was pretty cool, but it was very much a modern art gallery, and had a lot to do with hair. Looking at some of the pieces made me think of "the ring", and kind of creeped me out, I assume that was the point of it though.

While we were doing the shoe shining stand two teenage boys came by and started talking to us. They had heard about Mormons and were interested to hear a little about us. After a few minutes though, three girls (friends of theirs) came by and the boys called them over saying "Mormoni, w Bytomiu!" (Mormons, in Bytom!). They all gathered around while Sister Smith, Elder Connelly, and I talked to them. It was pretty cool, teaching 5 people at once.

We also started up sport Saturday again. It used to be a big thing here in kato, we have pictures all over the place from sport Saturday and various other YSA activities, we also used to have a lot more YSA. So we decided to start it back up and we got a great response from it. We had quite a lot of people come and we had a great time. Łukaś and I played frisbee for most of the time and got pretty good with it by the end.

We had a bit of a chaotic morning though, trying to get to where we were going to have it. Prezydent Urban planned it all, and didn't tell us a whole lot about it until the morning of, so we didn't really know where we were going when we set off for it. Daniel had brought his car too, and couldn't find a parking place in Katowice so he was going to have to drive there. So Sister Smith and I, and Elders Connelly and Taylor rode with him, and we got super lost. it was really funny. We ended up having a great day though, and when we rode back with Daniel after sports day was over, we stopped at the drive through at McDonalds which I haven't done in months :)

It was also pretty funny because the place Prezydent Urban had picked out for us to have Sports Day at was a school with a huge fence around it. We got there and Prezydent was like, "OK, now, we climb" and he just hopped over the fence" We weren't really sure how OK it was for us to be there, but it all worked out. When were were leaving though I climbed over the fence and as I did Prezydent said to me "Sister Lillywhite, now, you are a real Hoolie Girl!" lol.

Also, last night we tried out the tracting letter for the first time! We only got through half of the building and there were quite a few people who weren't home. We didn't get to teach anyone, unfortunately, but, there was a really cool guy who said we could come back later (he had his family visiting and couldn't talk) Most of the people we talked to had read our letter though and were prepared for our arrival, so even when they turned us down we had a much more positive response and a lot fewer angry people. woot! We're going back this Tuesday to try again and pick up the doors that didn't answer, so we'll see how that goes.

That's all the really important stuff that happened this week, it went by pretty fast, and now I can't remember a lot of what happened.

Exciting stuff for this week though! Cindy Call from Wrocław is coming here on a mini mission. She'll be here later today, and she'll be staying until Sunday! It's going to be really cool, I can't wait!

Kocham was!

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  1. Loved the shoe shining experience. Serving with love always works wonders for both the one who receives and the one who gives the service! Keep up the good work.