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Monday, January 12, 2015

Rubik's Dodecahedron

This week was pretty chill and not a lot really happened. There were random holidays on Monday and Tuesday, that I didn'tt really understand the purpose of and which were kind of inconvenient for us because all the stores were closed, but such is life in Poland :)

We spent a lot of the week preparing these tracting letters we're going to start using in the mission. It's basically a letter explaining who we are and what we want to talk to people about and they have a time on them when we will be by the building to tract. So we drop them in peoples' mailboxes and come back later at that time, and then, if they want to hear our message they know we're coming, and if they don't want to, they can't get mad, because we warned them. The problem with tracting the classical way was that often people would just slam the door before they even knew who we were, and usually they'd assume we are Jehova's Witnesses, but now they will know! It's gonna be cool, Kraków has been using them for like a month and a half and they've seen a lot of success from it.

We also had to Zameldować this week, which basically means we had to declare to the courts that we are living in Katowice, or something like that, I'm still not totally sure what it is, but I was supposed to do it last transfer, and when we tried they freaked out and said I needed to wymeldować first (whatever that means). We finally got it sorted out though and both Sister Smith and I got it done. It was pretty crazy though, a lot of paperwork, and we had to have our landlady there, and we got help from Elder Taylor, cuz he was an office Elder for a while and knows how all this legal stuff works. My favorite thing to do when we're doing legal work is to wish the person who helps us a good workday when we leave, it always just brightens their day. When I said it to the first woman who helped it she was kind of shocked but very appreciative, it was cool :)

I've also seen a ton of improvement in the language this week. I don't remember if I mentioned this before, but I've been reading the Book of Mormon side by side in Polish and English, The Other Side of Heaven style, except that I try to translate from the English into Polish before I read it in Polish. Anyway, it's been super helpful, and I had many moments this week when I was talking and noticed that I was able to say things quicker and easier and case words correctly more instinctively.

Friday was the ninth, Which means I've been on a mission for nine months! so as a district we had dinner and celebrated my halfway mark! The time is going by just way too fast! That day I also solved a Rubik's Dodecahedron, czyli, a twelve sided Rubik's cube that isn't a cube at all. I borrowed it from Elder Taylor, who borrowed it from Elder Burdick, and I solved it in one day. And I've solved it quite a few more Times since, it's really cool :)

That's mostly it for this week, it just flew by, I barely even noticed time was passing, but that just seems to be the nature of the mission.

Kocham was!

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