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Monday, January 5, 2015

New Years!

Hey guys! Sorry, I don't have a ton of time to email today because it's some holiday I've never heard of today and so both of the libraries we normally email at were closed today and we've had to take turns emailing on the one computer at the chapter and Sister Smith and Elder Burdick both took forever and and a day to email.

This week was Zone training, and since my companion is Sister Training leader I got to experience it twice, but it's all good because one of those times was in Wroclaw! Yay! So I got to hang out in Wroclaw again, so that was awesome, unfortunately it was on New Years day, and we forgot that when we left, so none of us ate any breakfast that morning. So, one 3 hour train ride later we were in Wroclaw and starving and we couldn't get any food, so we wandered around the rynek for a little while before training started, looking for a  place that was open, any place. It all worked out though because the Wroclaw Sisters brought us some food.

We had some really cool experiences with a new thing Elder Burdick talked about in zone training. He and his trainer would pray to be able to see someone they should talk to the next day. So, the night before New Years Eve we tried it, and when we did it I pictured a pair of eyes with dark eye makeup and sister Smith thought of a woman with short brown hair, who was waiting. The next day, we were walking towards the chapel and passed a woman waiting for her tram, with short brown hair. So, we stopped and talked to her, and she was super cool, and really nice, and at one moment during the conversation she looked at me, and I recognised her eyes as the ones I had seen in my mind the night before. It was so cool! Unfortunately she had to run for her tramwaj and I gave her a Restoration pamphlet, but realised later that it was in English, for some reason, I don't know how I got English ones in my bag. But, even so, it was a really cool experience and we've been doing it more since and had other cool experiences with it.

New Years day was pretty crazy. New Years is a big deal here, and the fireworks would be super illegal in Utah. It literally sounded like bombs were going off in the street, they were deafeningly loud. We also had to be inside by 5 for our safety, but even at 3 we felt very unsafe walking the streets because people were already setting off bombs. It was really cool though because We were allowed to watch a lot of movies that we normally can't really watch. So Sister Smith and I borrowed Elder Burdick's flashdrive and had a movie marathon. We watched Baptists at our Barbecue, One Good Man, and The Other Side of Heaven. It was fantastic! I haven't watched a feature length movie in almost 9 months and it was so needed! It was fantastic and I really enjoyed all three movies, especially, strangely enough, Baptists at our Barbecue, mainly because many of the situations in the movie (the tiny branch, the crazy people, the weirdness of everything) reminded me so much of Poland! It was awesome!

At Midnight we were awoken by the street exploding outside! I took some video, I'll try to see if I can upload it to dropbox, if I've got time. There were fireworks going off right behind out building, in the middle of the street, it was crazy. And then, Kaja called us, to wish us a happy New Year, so that was fantastic!

There's not too much else to tell about for this week, at least not with the short amount of time that I have right now, sorry about that.

Kocham was, I hope you all had a great new years and that you will have a great week this week :)

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