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Monday, January 26, 2015

Mini Mission Magic!

This week was full of all kinds of awesome! First off, We had Cindy Call, I mean, Sister Call, with us, serving a mini mission, and that was awesome! She is the best! We were able to speak a lot of Polish with her, and she taught us a lot of cool stuff about pronunciation, and she was just a rockstar missionary in general.

We went tracting Tuesday night, following up with the tracting letter again. We got through most of the building with no success. we met a few people who said we could come back, and there was one very kind lady who was really sick and is going to be getting surgery soon who said we could come back in a few weeks. We've been praying for her.

And then, just before we finished the building, we got a guy who hadn't received the letter, but was super nice and interested.  He let us come in, and we talked to him about the restoration, and gave him a Book of Mormon, invited him to come to church and he said he'd like to learn more, though he's very busy with work, so we're not sure when we will be able to set up with him again. It was really cool though, and we were very lucky to have Cindy with us, because he had a lot of questions, and we didn't know what he was asking most of the time.

As we were leaving the building too we ran into a woman who we had talked to earlier, she had gotten the letter and read it, but still didn't really understand who we were, she thought we were Jehovah's Witnesses. She had been super nice to us when we knocked on her door though. We explained who we are and she seemed a lot more interested once she understood that we weren't JW's, and we were able to give her a book.

The next day the Edgrens arrived in Kato, bringing tons of food for the Zone Conference on Friday. We helped them get all the food put away, and prepped the chapel a little for it. We also had English class, and had a very entertaining moment right at the beginning. There's one guy in our class who is quite a character, I'm not sure if I have mentioned him before or not. But his name is Wacek and his kind of old, and sometimes makes odd comments at odd moments. Just before class started, he walked up to Sister Smith and said to her "Last week, you weren't beautiful, but this week, you is very beautiful." Lol, it was really funny especially since last week he walked into our English class, stayed for about 30 seconds, then turned around and went to the elders' class instead haha!

Friday was Zone Conference, it was a "mission tour" where Elder Charles (one of the seventy) and his wife traveled around to a couple of different missions and basically just talked to us about goals and recognising the spirit, and our purpose as missionaries and all that. It was really cool. Elder and Sister Charles are super cool and really nice.

That night Sister Smith went with the APs to Warsaw because they would be having another Leadership training thing on Saturday, and Sister Call and I stayed in Kato together. We went tracting again Saturday night to pick up the last couple of doors we had used the tracting letter on. We finished tracting those doors really fast, within the first hour, and our bus wasn't coming for another hour, so we decided to just tract another nearby building without the letter. I chose a building that I felt we should go to, which had lots of lights on. That made me both excited and apprehensive because it meant one of two things, either we'd get let in right away, have an awesome lesson and finish just in time for our bus, or we'd get a ton of rejection.

I felt like we should go there though, so we did. And we got a lot of "no"s Sister Call and I made the most of it though, we were laughing and talking about Kung Fu and The Last Airbender, and just having a great time. At one point we found a bird doorbell, that made chirping sounds when you pressed it. That person wasn't home too so we pressed it a lot, lol. We had a few crazy things happen, a few people opened the door having clearly just come from the shower. One woman yelled through the door that she had been taking a shower, but said we could come back later. And one woman said no, shut the door, then opened it again two seconds later and yelled at us how we're young girls and we should be working, and shame on our church for making us do this, and crap like that. When she shut the door, Sister Call and I couldn't help but bust out laughing, it was just so bizarre, lol.

We almost got through the whole building though and we're going to need to leave because our bus was coming in about 10 minutes. But I really felt like we should just finish the building, so we kept going. The fourth door from the end was a big beautiful fancy door, and Sister Call was commenting on it saying "This looks like the door of a business man, I bet he's nice." just before the door opened. I introduced us, but had trouble getting the whole introduction out, because I was distracted by the cutest little puppy who ran out and started jumping all over me, trying to get me to pet him. Sister Call and I both broke down and started petting the puppy, while talking to the owner. He was a super nice guy, and was really interested in everything we had to say. He let us come in and we decided we'd just catch the later bus. We had a really great lesson with him and again, I was super happy Sister Call was there because he had a ton of complicated questions. We ended up teaching him right up until the next bus arrived, and hour later, and he said we could come back, and asked if he could come to church (he wasn't able to come yesterday though because he already had conflicting plans). So yeah, it was a really great experience and we're really hopeful about him, unfortunately, we realised on the bus ride back that we forgot to ask him his name... cause we're the worst, lol.

That's basically it for the week, it was a lot of fun. I'm a little apprehensive about this week though because it was starting to warm up at the beginning of last week but on Saturday it took a dreadful turn for the worse and now we have snow everywhere outside. It's really good snow for snowball fights though. Sister Smith and I were joking about pelting little kids with snowballs on the way to come email today. We saw this adorable little boy with his grandma (he was probably about 2 or 3) and Sister Smith was all "Oh my gosh, he's so adorable!" And I was like "I know, he's so cute I want to throw a snowball at him!" Anyway, so yeah, the weather is bad, but I'm still hopeful. Pray that spring arrives in Poland, cuz I'm sick of Winter.
Kocham was!

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