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Monday, February 2, 2015

All Kinds of Crazy!

This week was pretty awesome and pretty crazy, we kicked things off with an exchange. Sister Smith went to Wrocław with Sister Holden, and Sister McCleary came here with me. We had a fantastic time! Sister McCleary is a ton of fun! She's from Utah, and used to work at Desert Star, and she had a lot of stories for me about it. Sister McCleary told me all kinds of hilarious stories during the exchange, but that's not all we did, we also had a lesson!

On Monday morning as we were getting ready for our p-day activities we suddenly got a call from one of our investigators who we hadn't been working with for almost 2 months. Her name is Lara. She asked if we could come over for lunch and a lesson. So Sister McCleary and I went to visit her, she made us soup and then, basically told us she wants to get baptised. I was so shocked at first that I think I asked her to clarify like 3 times. "Okaj, jeśli rozumiem, chcesz zostać ochrzczona?" (Ok, if I understand, you want to be baptised?) She just laughed, she said later that she was amused by how we just lit up at the very mention of baptism, we were like "Yeah, it's so important! We know what it means that you want to take this step, you want to come closer to Christ!" yay! It was really great. I was a little worried about how the lesson would go though because sister McCleary is only in her first transfer and I knew that I was going to be talking a lot, but it went fine and I was able to say a lot more than i thought I would. there were even a few moments where I found myself speaking but I had no idea what word I was going to say next until I was saying it, just like those missionary stories you always hear :) We weren't able to set a date before we had to leave to catch our bus though. But we met with her again on Sunday and talked to her more about it and what to expect and helped her pick a day. It's still not official yet, she wanted to pray about that day to see if it's the right time for her. Pray for her guys!

So yeah, that was huge, and now everything else in the week looks a little less exciting by comparison, but really, that was the most important and exciting thing, everything else is just funny. On Thursday we went tracting, and had a hilarious experience, which is usually the case with tracting. We had just started on a new floor when two ladies came up in the elevator. So Sister Smith turned and started talking to them. Their first question was "Are you Jehova's Witnesses?" I didn't hear what their response was when Sister Smith told tchem that we're not because the woman who's door we had just rung came and I turned to talk to her. She gave me the "nie ma casu" (I don't have time) and shut her door. I turned to see both women facing Sister Smith and talking quickly while she looked a little shocked. Then I noticed that the women were dressed similarly to us... JWs...

lol, we had accidentally tracted into JWs and somehow started a scripture war, as is usually the case when you start talking to JWs. What those poor ladies didn't know is that Sister Smith is a master scriptorian, and her face lit up like Christmas when they asked her to find where in the bible it says that Jesus is Jehova, not God. Lol, I mostly just stood there and watched while Sister Smith pulled out scripture after scripture, confounding the JWs. It was actually a very civil discussion though. Sister Smith has nothing against Jehova's Witnesses, her father was associated with them before he joined the church and he always invites them in when they come by, so she's used to them. It was a very entertaining experience though.

One of the funniest moments of the week happened on Wednesday, at English. I think I wrote about Wacek last week, and his strange comment to Sister Smith. Well this week he had more things to say to her. I don't know how it happened, but they seemed to have started a vendetta against one another, and the results are hilarious. This week, before English started the front door was shut, we usually leave it cracked before English because it can't be opened without a key. There was someone knocking at it for a while but we didn't hear it at first because they were knocking very quietly. So Sister Smith finally noticed and ran to go get it. When she opened the door and woman walked in, and the Wacek poked his head around the door and strolled in like he owned the place. He then pointed at Sister Smith and said "You are a terrible girl! Very beautiful, but terrible." and then walked off.

Then he then did not come to our English class as he usually does, but instead went to the Elders Weggersen and Burdick's class. When class was over, Sister Smith went up to Elders Weggersen and Burdick and was talking to them about something when Wacek suddenly walked up to Elder Burdick and said -

Wacek - *pointing at Sister Smith "Did you know, that she is a very ugly girl?" Sis Smith - "Hey! You want to say that to my face Wacek?!" Wacek - *raises his arms victoriously and walks out of the room backwards with a look on his face that says "yeah, I just said that!"

Lol, it was so funny, Sister Smith and I could not stop laughing about it the whole week, Wacek is so crazy it's hilarious.

Well, that's basically it for the week, lots of fun, super exciting. This week should be really great too, today we are going to see a castle, so we're kicking the week off nicely.

Oh, also, I'm acting as district leader for the next couple of days, heh heh :) Elder Taylor (our actual district leader) got really sick on Thursday night, and had to go to Warsaw to visit a legitimate hospital, (because apparently we don't have any of those in Kato... which is a little disconcerting...) we're not sure how long he'll be gone, but while he's gone, I'm the only person left in Kato who doesn't already have a title (Sister Smith is the Sister Training Leader, and Elders Weggersen and Burdick are the Zone Leaders) so I've taken the role of District Leader :) yay for mutiny!

Kocham was!

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