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Monday, February 23, 2015


We got transfer calls, and guess where I'm going!... drumroll please... WROCŁAW! That's right, two transfers later I'm going back to Wrocław, lol. It's great because I love Wrocław, and I'm going to be with Sister McCleary, who is straight up awesome, but it was quite the surprise... Except not, because I've always felt like I'd go back there, toward the end of this transfer especially. I kept talking about next transfer like I'd be in Wrocław and now, lo and behold, I will be there in just a few days, woot! I'm excited!

But, I'm getting ahead of myself, as for this week...

At the start of the week I was super sick, coughing, no energy super dizzy literally all the time. I feel mostly better now, aside from the occasional cough and dizziness, but at the start of the week I could barely do anything. Sister Smith was still sick too so we spent P-day playing card games with the Elders because we were too sick and tired to move.

Tuesday we had an exchange planned with Kraków. We woke up that morning and were practically dead walking. We talked about calling off the exchange but Sister Smith prayed about it and still felt like the exchange needed to happen. So we still went ahead with it, and were thankful it was only going to last a day. Sister Gammon came here with me, and we had a good time, we had to take it slow because I really felt awful, but we still got some good work done. Partway through the day we got a call from Sister Smith who had been contacted by a member from Armenia who had just moved here. His name is very hard for me to pronounce or spell, but it's something like Vartgus... something like that. Anyway, we had a really cool lesson with him, and showed him the chapel. He had been in Warsaw last year and had become friends with Elder Rettalik. It was really cool too because just after we closed our lesson, while Vartgus was waiting for his bus Sister Gammon got a call from Elder Rettalik, and he and Vartgus were able to talk a bit. What was especially cool about it was that Elder Rettalik had called by accident.

On Wednesday we had English, I got to say goodbye to the class, because we were already pretty sure at that point that i would be leaving Katowice. At the end of the class Wacek came up to me and said "Good luck in Utah, don't be a sitting girl!" He then turned to see Sister Smith standing right there and they kind of glared at each other. He looked ready to say something so sister Smith said "Do you have something to say to me, Wacek?" He kind of rocked back and forth for a minute, looking like he was trying decide if he should just leave or not, then quickly said "You are a very ugly girl!" and waddled out of the class. It was hilarious!

After that we had our Culture night. We went and got pizza and then went bowling. It was fun, but they had TVs set up there which played music videos and a lot of them were really stupid. on the bright side though, I got the highest score out of the district in the last game. On the way back we had kind of a funny moment. We were just walking back to the tram stop, chillin' when we saw the tram we needed, coming up behind us. We were still pretty far from the stop, so the elders started running. Sister Smith and I were dead last, and we were pretty sure they were going to catch the tram and leave us behind. But then I noticed the stop up ahead, and just as we reached it, at the same time as the tramwaj, I noticed the Elders, still running, way past the tram stop. So sister Smith and I hopped on, and laughed at the elders and we passed them, still running alongside the tramwaj. It was very entertaining :)

On Thursday we had Sister Owen come to town to stay with us. She's been travelling around to all the cities and helping out all the sisters for the last 2 weeks of her mission. Prezydent Edgren has been calling her his "Sister AP". It was really cool having her there, we were able to get some tips and advice from her. And Sister Smith was able to bug her about transfer calls because Sister Owen already knew what was going to happen.

On Friday we had another district finding activity. We tried shoe shining again, and Elder Burdick also brought his guitar and played songs to attract people's attention. It was a lot of fun, but I don't think it was quite as effective as it was last time. I can't decide though if it was the area, or if we had one to many things going on. It was still fun though, and we still had a lot of good come from it.

On the way back from the activity, a bunch of girls scouts got onto the bus with us and started singing. Elder Taylor thought it was so cool that he just had to go over there and talk to them. Before we knew what was happening they had handed him a book and he was singing with them. It was really funny and he had a great time.

We had a pretty cool thing happen yesterday too. For the whole 4 months that I've been in Katowice I've seen this really old lady walking around. She's kind of stuck out to me, and I sometimes say hello to her, or smile at her, but I've never talked to her before, I'm not sure why. Well on the way back from church yesterday we saw her and finally decided to talk to her, and at least find out her name. So we did, her name is Helena, and Sister Smith set up to meet with her next week. So that was pretty cool. We'll see how things go with that, she's 95, so she might be pretty set in her ways, but she seemed open to talking and we left her with a plan of salvation pamphlet, so, yeah.

Anyway, that's basically it for the week. Right now we have Sister Gammon, from Kraków, staying with us until transfers actually happen, and then she will go back to Kraków and I will go to Wrocław. I'm really excited about this, I think it will be lots of fun.

Kocham was!

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