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Monday, March 2, 2015

Back in Wrocław!

Yeah! Back in Wrocław! I still have trouble believing it, but I'm really here!

What can I say about this week. It's been one big super fun blur.

First of all, my last P-day in Kato was pretty chill, we emailed, then got food, then, guess what happened :) we were eating lunch at a place near the chapel when we saw Wacek walk by. We could not help but follow him to see where he was going, lol. We were being super creepy but it was a fun way to spend a chunk of the day. We tried to be really sneaky and followed him for a while to several small stores before we decided to stop being creepy. It was very entertaining when the Elders called us.

Me - "Hello?" *whispering because Wacek was nearby Elder Burdick - "Why are you whispering?" Me - "We're stalking Wacek" Elder Brudick - "What!? Why are you stalking our English students? That's creepy!" Me - "We just saw him walking by and we couldn't resist!"

Anyway, it was pretty fun, even though it amounted to nothing. At one point we tried to bait him by putting Sister Smith in an obvious place to see what he'd do if he recognised her, but he didn't see her.

Leaving Kato was difficult though, mostly because I found I somehow acquired too much stuff... So packing was a nightmare, and then getting my stuff to the Dworzec (train station) was a nightmare because one of the wheels on my big bag broken so I basically had to drag it. Sister Gammon, who was staying with us until the transfer, pulled a Samwise on me, she offered to take the bag for a while, then took it and basically ran the rest of the way with it. I wasn't sure how I was going to get my bags off the train, luckily I had help getting them out of the overhead compartment, by a girl in my cabin. When I was trying to drag my bags off the train I almost shouted for joy as I heard Elder Remy say "Hey Lillywhite, do you need help with your bags?" I was like "Oh my gosh, YES!" lol. He then proceeded to carry my huge broken purple bag all the way back to our apartment.

We had some cool lessons this week, there have been a few changes since I left, we have a few new people we're working with. One of our investigators, Lucyna, is really hoping to get baptised soon, but she needs to quit smoking first, so we've been working with her on that.

That's the big thing right now anyway, the rest of the week was just awesome because Sister McCleary is so much fun! We're having a great time together and it is fantastic. Our only problem is that we talk too much, lol. We need to find a better balance between talking and working, so far we've had to schedule talking time in between studies, and we might have to start setting alarms, lol.

We haven't had too many adventures so far in Wrocław. We don't have a Wacek in our English class (not sure if I'm sad about that or happy...) We did have a rather frustrating experience with a lightbulb. The lightbulb in our room burnt out very suddenly the other day, so we had to go out a buy a new one. First of all, Samsung makes lightbulbs... that just seems really strange to me. We bought one, and plugged it in, it worked great, but then that night we turned the light off, and for some reason the bulb was still partially lit... we couldn't figure out why, but it wasn't very much, like a night light, so we left it that way and just went to sleep, figuring it might eventually turn all the way off. That night I woke up at like 3:50 to see the light still partially lit and my eyes ached from tiredness. I literally felt dead on my feet, and I knew it was because of that stupid lightbulb! So, at almost 4 in the morning, to my companion's surprise, I switched the lightbulb out with one of the ones from the kitchen. It was a very entertaining situation because the next morning Sister McCleary described it to me form her side and said that I was muttering to myself like a crazy person and she had no idea what I was doing the whole time.

Other than that, not much to say about the week so far, I'm really excited to be back in Wrocław though. Great city, awesome companion, this is going to be a fantastic transfer!

Kocham was!

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