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Monday, March 23, 2015

A Day Late

This email begins with a tale from last transfer, when Sister McCleary and I went on an exchange in Katowice. At one point during the exchange she said something that was straight from How I Met Your Mother. But when I pointed it out to her she said, "I've actually never seen that show". Then throughout the exchange she kept saying things that reminded me of How I Met Your Mother, and even after the exchange, when sister Smith would call her she would sometimes accidentally quote the show. And it's been the same way since we became companions. She accidentally quotes it, I point it out and we laugh. Well, this week, one morning she just turns to me and says "Sister, I have a confession to make... I actually have seen How I Met Your Mother... several times." lol, I was so shocked, suddenly it all made sense, but I'll admit I didn't believe her at first because she devised this back during our exchange! She's a crafty evil mastermind, Sister McCleary! It was just really funny because ever since she came clean we've been quoting it like crazy and everything is so much funnier than it already was... which is saying a lot.

Anyway, on to the rest of the week, we had a really fun week, a few crazy things happened, and a few awesome things. for one, I finally gave out a book by myself! Every time I've ever given anyone a book I've always had my companion with me, and it's always been something they've said that gets the person to take the book. However, this week we were doing a whiteboard with Elders Remy and Wynne, and on whiteboards we often contact alone, but sister McCleary and I had been contacting together. At one point I saw this woman and I felt like I had to talk to her, when I started walking toward her though, Sister McCleary didn't follow for some reason. She said later she felt like I needed to take it. Anyway, she can't meet until April but she was super cool, when I said that as missionaries we meet with people and help them grow closer to god she said "OK when?" It was a great experience.

There were a lot of really funny moments this week, Prezydent Cieleński was at the chapel on Tuesday, so we and Elders Remy and Wynne got kebabs and had lunch with him. Sister McCleary had a really funny talk with Cieleński about Polynesians, Sister McCleary at one point told a story about an Elder serving in Tonga who was fed dog at an investigator's house. When Prezydent Cieleński heard that he immediatelyy called Elder Fotu and insisted that he and his family repent for their actions. It was hilarious.

During our lunch with Cieleński at one point I went to get a drink of water, and when I got back Elder Remy was standing holding the seat of his chair in his hands. He and Elder Wynne then proceeded to completely destroy the chair and turn it into a shield. Apparently Prezydent Cieleński had told them to throw out the chair months ago, and they had only just then remembered.

On Friday we had an awkwardly planned day, and as a result we ate lunch very early, and didn't have time for dinner until very late. By the time we were able to get dinner we were so hungry we decided to just blow our budget and get two pizzas from Pizza Hut na winos (to go), take them home, and eat them while we watched Johnny Lingo. So that's what we did, but first we got lost. We got on our usual tram, number 3, but didn't see that it said it was going back to the factory for repairs. We didn't realise until we were almost to the Elders' apartment, which is on the other side of town. We eventually made it home but it was after about an hour and a half. By that point we were so hungry we each devoured an entire pizza and were still hungry. We also did watch Johnny Lingo, which was a miracle experience because I had downloaded the one off of the LDS website, the 20 minute one, but somehow I had actually gotten the feature length one, which is a billion times cuter. I have no idea how on earth that happened but I am under the impression that it was a tender mercy from the Lord because I've been wanting to watch it since the MTC.

Sister McCleary and I had some odd luck this week. We got winked at three times in the space of two days, which was just plain hilarious. Also, on the first of those two days sister McCleary had an interesting contacting experience. She was talking to a guy, having a really good discussion, he had to leave, so he just reached down and gave her a huge hug. I had been talking to some other people at the time, but I turned around and found sister McCleary frozen, looking totally shocked, it was hilarious.

Oh, I have a Wacek update! Sister Smith said at the end of English class she went to give him a copy of the proclamation on the family (they had given them to everyone in the class and somehow he got skipped) when she gave it to him she said his jut stood there glaring at her for like 3 full minutes (picture it like an Ammon/Lamoni moment) then said "You are a very ugly girl!" Much of the same, except that he then went over to Sister Antczak (Sister Smith's companion) and was talking to her all friendly and normal, like he's not a crazy person or something! lol

And that's basically it for the week, it was pretty fun :)

Kocham was.

(She says the Polish is wrong on her drawing, they figured that out after the fact.)

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