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Monday, March 9, 2015

Crazy Busy!

This week was really fun. I feel like I say this kind of a lot, but it was all kind of a blur, there were a lot of little funny/cool moments throughout the week though.

We had a pretty fun time at district meeting. Almost our whole district is kind of quick witted, so we were making a lot of jokes through the whole meeting. Toward the end of the meeting, somehow Elder Torres got talking about what he's going to do with his life after the mission. He told us that if he gets married he will go into business, but if he doesn't he will go to Hollywood and be an actor. There was a beat of silence and then I looked at him and said "I'll look for your movies, Elder..." it was so funny!

We had another great time poking fun at Elder Torres the next day after coordination meeting. Somehow the Elders got onto the subject of rating themselves by level of attractiveness. At one point Elder Torres ended up getting bumped to the bottom spot so Elder Jackson (his companion) looked at me and said quietly "Well, there are plenty of blind girls" I started laughing so hard that everyone knew that Jackson had said something funny, so I relayed it to the rest of the group and we all just died laughing.

We were really on something that meeting too. During the meeting, while Elder Wynne was talking to Robert (our Branch mission leader) he was doing some strange things with his hands. Slowly everyone except Elder Jackson started copying his hands. It went on for the last 20 minutes of the meeting, including the prayer, and no one could keep a straight face, except Elder Jackson. At first we kind of thought he was being a stick in the mud, but after the prayer as we continued to copy Elder Wynne's hand movements he suddenly said "Oh! I just realised what's going on!' It was so funny.

Surprisingly I have a Wacek update, Sister Smith has been keeping me informed. He came to English last week and when he walked through the door, he stopped, looked around and announced "Today, I wish to be a young boy!" Then he turned to face Sister Smith and said "You are a very ugly girl!" And wiggled his hand like a rubber pencil. lol, he's so strange!

We had a really crazy Saturday and Sunday this week, but some really cool experiences within it. First of all, I had to give a talk. Presydent Cieleński told me I could choose my topic, so I choose obedience, It went really well, but it took a long time to write, and translate. So, Saturday night I was really stressed out trying to translate it. We also had to make banana bread for the branch party that would happen after church the next day (because it was Dzień Kobiet, Women's day!) We also found out late Saturday night that we would be teaching temple prep the next day, so we were going to have to prepare a lesson for that. And, on top of that, we had a phone lesson with our investigator who lives two hours outside of Wrocław, and we were super nervous about it. We were freaking out and we couldn't figure out how to say anything that we wanted to say to her in Polish. So, we said a quick prayer and then called her. After she answered there was a moment of awkwardness where we couldn't say anything and then I just went off. I was able to say so much just about everything I wanted to say, and the lesson went just fine, I said so much stuff I didn't even know I could say and it went great!

We also managed to get through our crazy Sunday just fine. My talk went pretty great and I wasn't too nervous about it. I was up super late translating it though, so I didn't get a chance to read through it before, so, I just walked up to the podium and read it. We had Elder Allen and Elder Fotu there, they've been travelling around Poland on special assignment from Prezydent Edgren. Elder Allen is fantastic at Polish, so he's been going around teaching everyone, and he's sending out polish lessons to everyone. So, as I was giving my talk I tried very hard not to look at him, I really didn't want to know how many mistakes I was making. I think it went alright though.

There were some other cool/funny things that happened his week, but unfortunately I don't have time to write about them all.

Kocham was!

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