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Monday, March 16, 2015

Sisters Conference

This past week seemed really short. We had a Sister's conference in Warsaw, so on Tuesday morning we left bright and early for a 6 hour train ride. However, we forgot to buy food before we left, so about an hour before we passed through Katowice, we called Elder Weggersen and had him and Elder Ahlander (who was there on exchange) bring food to us on the train. They passed it to us through the windows of the train just before it left, it was great :). Sister McCleary and I found ways to entertain ourselves for the majority of the journey, though. Mostly, I walked her through every episode of "The 10th Kingdom" It took 4 hours and it was awesome! Then when I finished we had just enough time for her to walk me through a few episodes of Parks and Rec and Modern Family... and that was our train ride :)

By the time we got into Warsaw in was about 16:00 and we were starving. We were supposed to get to the mission home with enough time that we could chat with the other sisters and be ready for dinner at 17:00 but we were stuck in Warsaw traffic for so long that we didn't end up getting to the mission home until after 17:00

We had some really fun presentations, activities, and talks at the Sisters conference, and we even had a guest speaker through skype, I think her name was Linda Wilson. It was lots of fun, and we were well fed by sister Edgren :)

The conference lasted 2 days, so we got to spend the night at the mission home and the next day we had more talks and presentations. It was fun. We got to meet the sisters we didn't already know and chat with the ones we did know.

Then we hopped back on the train and headed back to Wrocław. This time our train ride was not as... I don't want to say eventful, because all we did was walk each other through TV shows... it seemed much longer the second time around. Sister McCleary slept for about an hour and I listened to a John Bytheway talk. Then we talked for several hours. Then we chatted a bit with a woman who had come into our compartment. Then we watched this adorable little baby run through the hall in the train for a while, then he (or she... we never quite figured out which) came wandering into our apartment for a bit, pursued by his mother. Then for the last 20 minutes of our journey when it was super dark and creepy outside, and we were all alone in our compartment, we were joined by a silent slightly creepy dude who kind of smelled like blood... we really hope he just works in a factory where there's lots of iron or something, and that he wasn't a serial killer. And that was it for Wednesday.

Thursday was a really tough day for me and Sister McCleary. Everything that could possibly go wrong went wrong, we had many stupid little injuries (nothing serious, just dumb things) and we just weren't having a very nice day. It got a little better though when we went to the chapel and found that Elders Remy and Wynne had made us treats. Even so, it was still a hard day. Sister McCleary even tried speaking like a southern belle for two straight hours to try to lighten the mood. It was really entertaining, but then she couldn't snap out of it when she was trying to speak Polish, so that was a hilarious problem for her, lol.

What made the day better was when we had a whiteboard with the Elders. Sister McCleary and I stopped a girl and started talking to her, and it was an awesome lesson! We could feel the spirit so strong. I had made a goal during the sisters conference to be more bold in my contacting and in inviting, and I really stuck to it. We got so many promptings from the spirit and we really taught in unity. The girl was so stubborn though. She could not understand why we would ask god about this stuff, she was like "we have the commandments, all we need to do is follow them" and we were like "God says multiple times that he will answer any question we have, why would we not take advantage of that and just ask him about literally everything!" We can get so much direction from our heavenly father, an all powerful god who created us, all we have to do is ask! Why wouldn't we just ask! I really don't understand it when people wont pray, it takes so little effort to just pray, and it can bless us so much. Anyway, it was a great lesson, and we could tell she felt the spirit and that some of the stuff we said touched her, but she wouldn't take the Book of Mormon, she came so close, but Satan talked her out of it, the jerk.

The rest of the week was kind of meh, our landlady and her husband had to come over to fix a bunch of stuff on Friday and Saturday, so we spent kind of a lot of the time inside doing planning and areabook work while they scraped chipped paint off our walls, repainted where they had scraped, fixed the hole under the shower, and replaced all the light bulbs.

On Saturday though we brought the elders along to one of our lessons, our branch mission coordinator suggested we bring them to one of our lessons with our investigator Mark (not totally sure why). Mark is dating one of the less actives in our branch, he's from Holland and he speaks English fluently. It was a pretty fun lesson, Elders Remy and Wynne are very entertaining, and at one point they did a trust fall with Mark.

That night Sister McCleary started feeling really sick, and the next day she was feeling worse, so she slept and rested most of the day and I made bread pudding.

And that was basically it for the week.

Kocham was!

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