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Monday, February 9, 2015

Quite the Kerfuffle

You may remember that last week i said we were going to a castle... that didn't end up happening. We found out just as we were about to leave that Elder Connelly was going to be coming back from Warsaw and the Elders would need to be in town in order to pick him up. So instead we went and got pizza and were planning to take it back to the chapel to eat it while we waited to first, find out when Elder Connelly would be coming in, and then until he actually came. The problem was that when we got to the chapel there was something wrong with the door, we couldn't turn the key enough to unlock it, and we didn't know why.

We tried everything for a while, then gave up and ate our pizza on the stairs, then tried to open the door again for a while. We thought about climbing onto the balcony and going through the windows but they are all locked from the inside. We tried the spiral staircase that leads to the kitchen, but it was locked. We even tried calling the Landlord, but he didn't answer his phone. So instead we called Prezydent Urban, who happened to be getting lunch at the mall nearby. We joined him for lunch and talked deep doctrine with him for a while before going back to the chapel. We then got a locksmith to come by and check the door. He pounded on the door, and kept trying to turn the key, and basically did all the same things we had already tried...

SO, then we called Jessie, who had keys to Prezydent Urban's office (because he forgot his keys at his house) and Jessie came and opened the office. Then he and Prez went through a huge box of keys in there and pulled out some that they thought might go to the kitchen door, through the spiral staircase. So, we went there, and as we were trying to unlock the kitchen door, we heard a babcia (granny) from the floor above yelling at us. She had heard us walking up the spiral staircase, and I guess she thought we were trying to break in. We tried to explain to her that we were locked out of our church but she kept telling us that all the churches are outside, there aren't any churches in this building. And we were like, "no, seriously, we live here", and she was like, "no one lives there!"

Anyway, it was a bit of a fiasco, and we couldn't get the door open because there was another lock on the inside of the door that we couldn't unlock from the outside... Finally, Elder Burdick, on a hunch, picked up a random key off of Prezydent Urban's desk and tried it in the second lock on the front door (the one we never use because we don't have keys to it) and that worked... for some reason... anyway, this was after several hours of trying, so that was basically our p-day... at least it was an adventure :)

This week we also had another exchange, I went to Kraków with sister Petersen, and we had lots of fun. We taught a fun English class with the Elders in which we had fake job interviews and we basically just made up a whole bunch of ridiculous reasons why we are qualified to be astronauts. Things like "I can survive in a vacuum atmosphere" And "I've already gone to the future and met aliens, and now i speak their language." Also, Elder Hubbard let me play with his 2 by 2 rubiks cube on the bus ride back to Katowice for zone training (we were having zone training at the end of the exchange, so instead of going back by myself, all of the Kraków missionaries came with me) I expected that playing with this rubiks cube would take up some time in the journey and occupy me for a while, but when he handed it to me, I messed it up, and solved it in about 30 seconds...

Because we had zone training this week we got to go to Wrocław on Friday, that was super cool, though it was bitter cold there. We got to eat at Frankies which I'd been wanting to do for a while, and we got to hang with the Wrocław missionaries for a bit, but we had to leave soon after zone conference ended so we didn't get to stay and have lunch and chat with them. We had a good train ride back though. We started talking to a girl in out train compartment and had a really great conversation with her. Elder Weggersen was being hilarious and ridiculous, and told us all a long story in Polish about an epic battle between two kings named Frank and Bobby... I thought there was going to be some point he was making in it, but there wasn't, he just told us all a random story, lol. The girl seemed more amused than bewildered by his story though, so whatever.

After that we had a "girls night" with Kaja, we got ice cream and watched "Jospeh Smith: The Prophet of the Restoration" the 2002 good version. Sister Smith was really excited to so us this one, because I've never seen this version, and we were pretty sure Kaja hadn't either. When it started though Kaja was like "I'm pretty sure I've seen this before", Sister Smith was like "Are you sure, what do you remember about it." and Kaja said "Is is super cheesy?" lol, that just cracked me up. I love that movie, but it is super cheesy at some points. The 2002 version is much less cheesy though... I don't understand why they took that version and edited it to make it not as good...

On Saturday Elder Taylor came back from Warsaw, so we celebrated by getting lunch with the Elders, and eating muffin's he had brought with him from Warsaw. Sister Smith and I also started our Polish week! We are really trying to only speak Polish to each other this week. So far we've had a few moments where we had to break into English because we just could not get our point across, but so far we've done pretty well.

Yesterday morning, we woke up, took a look outside and saw a winter wonderland... it had snowed so much! We left our apartment for church bundled up with big coats and hats. I wore my new bright yellow gloves and hat that says "Hello Sunshine" (sent by mom and the relief society ladies, thanks for the package!). I turned to Sister Smith at one point and asked her "Can I go contacting in this hat?" And Sister Smith replied "I don't want to go contacting with you unless you wear that hat!" lol. Anyway, on the way to church the snow was so deep, and the wind was so strong that I had to basically hold on to Sister Smith the entire was so she wouldn't fall, especially since her hood kept blowing in front of her face and she couldn't really see for most of the journey. It was very entertaining, we made it though, and a few members even made it too :)

Today it's still snowing, we hope it will stop and clear up and eventually become summer again, but for now, we'll just need to keep braving the cold... We're also planning to go to that castle again today... hopefully it works out :) wish us luck!

Kocham was!

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