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Sunday, February 15, 2015

The Plague!

The start of this week was awesome. I mentioned last week that we'd be going to a castle. Well, that's what we did, and there was so much snow there that it was literally past our knees in some places. Unfortunately the castle was closed, so we couldn't get in... fortunately there was a little section of courtyard that was separated from the rest of the castle because you could easily climb into it. So we went there and had an epic snowball fight! It was so much fun! We hid around in the windows and broken sections of the castle wall, and ran and jumped and dove all over the place, and at one point elder Taylor shoved Daniel's face into the snow, it was hilarious! Unfortunately I lost my badge... but it was totally worth it! We weren't even cold, until the drive back, then we were freezing.

That was really the highlight of the week though, because the rest of the week was kind of a bummer. We had legal work to finish on Tuesday, which we thought was only going to take like 30 minutes, but ended up taking like 2 hours. We also has a bunch of stuff break in our apartment, so our landlady and one of the building maintenance men had to come by and fix everything, twice.

We also, had plans to meet with this awesome girl we met a few weeks ago. She was so cool, and really interested in everything we told her. We had this meeting scheduled for like 2 weeks, and we were texting her about it, and she always responded really quickly and was super excited. And then the morning of she wasn't there, we waited 15 minutes. Sent her a text, fifteen more minutes, tried to call, it was busy. A few minutes later, she texts us, she got in a car accident and was in the hospital! It sounds like she's OK, but we haven't heard much from her since then. That was really sad though.

We had a tiny highlight after that because we finally got to go to institute, and it was also fat Thursday so after institute we got lots of pączki (donuts) and we got to have a lovely relaxing chat/lesson with Daniel about how we can bring back the less actives. SO Thursday night was pretty fun, but when we got home Sister Smith was feeling sick and went right to bed, leaving me to make her Sister Training Leader calls for her. Sister Smith coughed all through the night, and barely got any sleep. And the next day she was dead on he feet.

So, we stayed inside all day on Friday, and we were so bored! We watched The Testaments, Legacy, Ephraim's Rescue, and 17 Miracles, and while Sister Smith rested I walked her through a few episodes on The 10th Kingdom. We also played Uno for a while, but sister Smith was too weak to hold the cards, so I would hold them for her and she would point at which one she wanted to play. We also had the Elders running errands for us, because we didn't have enough food in our apartment to last us the whole day, and Sister Smith needed medicine. By the end of the day Sister Smith was starting to look and feel better, at least enough that she could walk around the apartment and could write in her journal.

That night Sister Smith woke me up at 3 in the morning, she had been coughing and couldn't get to sleep at all. She thought if I told her a story it might help her get to sleep, so I told her the entire plot of Shrek, because she said she didn't remember it too well. The next day, she was feeling awful again, and partway through the day I started getting chills and feeling sick to. We both slept for a big chunk of the day, and eventually forced ourselves to leave the apartment for a little over an hour, to go to Elder Weggersen's Norwegian class, because we could not stay couped up inside for two straight days! That night we celebrated Valentines day by watching Legacy :)

We managed to feel well enough to go to church yesterday, and even stayed through all three hours and the coordination meeting after. But after that we went straight back home and languished in our illness for the rest of the day. Today we both have horrible coughs, and some chills, but for the most part we are OK.

This week wasn't without funny moments though...

One of the members here, Zygmut, he always hands out candy at every branch function, before church, after church, at branch activities, when he comes to clean the chapel. On Saturday he came to the Norwegian thing, and he gave us all yummy lemon candies. Then, on Sunday, before church, after seeing me and Sister Smith in our illness on Saturday, he handed out cough drops to everyone.

I had a funny moment on valentines day, when we finally left the house, I was so happy to be out and was soaking up every minute. But after a while I realised there were very few people outside. I looked around and most of the people I could see were couples. I thought to myself. "What's going on, where is everyone? What is this a holiday? probably some crazy Polish holiday, there are millions of them! All I see are couples, what is it, some kind of couple holiday?..." And that's when I realised that it was Valentines day, and that made me laugh.

This week at English we were all waiting for Wacek to say something ridiculous to Sister Smith. She was kind of avoiding him. He kept going in an out of our class for the five minutes before it started. But eventually decided to go to the Elders' class because the clock we used to have on the wall broke. Five minutes before the end of class though, he came back in. And at the end of class we were waiting for him to say something to sister Smith, instead he came up to where I was sitting at the front of the class, leaned in and whispered "You are a sitting girl!" then smiled smugly and waddled away... lol, I really think he just uses whatever vocabulary he knows, and, is also crazy.

That's basically it for the week. It was extremely uneventful, and it was not fun to be stuck inside with nothing to do for days. But i am hopeful for this week. We are both feeling somewhat better, Sister Gammon is coming here from Kraków on exchange tomorrow, and Sister Owen will be spending a few days with us too.

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